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When spring is here, garden lovers will finally once again get their heart's desire. They will be drawn outside to relax in the midst of nature. If you feel the same way you should buy a garden lounger, because it is perfect for this. Just close your eyes for a while, leave everyday life behind and don't think about anything: the relaxation lounger in the garden will make an important contribution to your recuperation, both physically and mentally. They are available with multiple designs, materials and functions.

Garden loungers - for a relaxing time out

When the warm months begin, the garden invites you to linger and relax. Whether for relaxing sunbathing, reading a book or taking a midday nap, the garden lounger is ideally suited to make yourself fully cozy and enjoy the greatest comfort. In contrast to other garden furniture such as the garden chair, it offers a horizontal surface to lie on and many other details such as:

  • Practical head and neck pads
  • A canopy that provides protection from intense sunlight and provides pleasant shade when relaxing
  • Rollers for easy transport, which increases comfort further

The backrest and often the foot section can be folded up or down as required to set up the desired position. The sun lounger ensures wonderful moments of well-being. For sunbathing for two, there are modern double loungers with a large, continuous area on which to lie. You can relax very well with a swinging lounger or a rocking deck chair.

Lounger made of wood or rattan? - Various Materials

Different materials can create distinct ambiences for garden loungers:

  • Wooden Sun Lounger: A wooden lounger, with natural, high-quality material, creates a cozy, homely, Mediterranean and rustic ambience. It conveys elegance at the same time. Depending on the type of wood, wood is weatherproof. You can protect wooden garden furniture from becoming discolored by coating it with oil.
  • Aluminum Garden Lounger: The robust aluminum loungers have the advantage that they are weatherproof and can therefore remain in the garden in any weather. They are also not that heavy, so these light metal loungers have the advantage of optimal mobility and flexibility. Garden furniture made of aluminum is very easy to maintain. If you want to enjoy it for a long time, you should clean it regularly.
  • Rattan Garden Lounger: The comfortable polyrattan loungers in an attractive lounge style are particularly popular. They look very classy, ​​offer optimal comfort and create a very cozy atmosphere. With their tasteful design they visually enhance outdoor areas. Nowadays, modern rattan garden furniture is mostly made of polyrattan. This is an innovative mesh made of polyethylene which persuaded with its easy-care and resistant quality. The loungers therefore require little maintenance and can be covered all year round with a protective cover.

Sun loungers Summary

Whether used for relaxing or sunbathing, the garden lounger belongs next to the table and chair in every garden or on the terrace. Once you have one you will never want to do without it, because it makes it possible to get a thorough relaxation. The selection offers the right relaxation lounger for every taste: for example, a classic metal or wooden lounger, or a garden lounger made of rattan or stainless steel. If you enjoy the sun, you should opt for a light garden lounger made of aluminum. There are enough varieties to grant your every wish. How about, for example, a swinging, tilting or comfortable double lounger? Rolling loungers make it possible to place the sun lounger wherever it is preferred.

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