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Sun loungers

Sun lounger: the cornerstone of your outdoor relaxation

When spring is approaching, garden lovers will finally once again get their heart's desire and will be drawn outside to relax in the midst of nature. If you feel the same way you should get yourself a garden lounger because it is just perfect for this. Just close your eyes for a while, leave everyday life behind and don't think about anything: our sun loungers are the perfect addition for your garden and will make an important contribution to your recuperation, both physically and mentally.

Our sun loungers for sale are available with multiple designs, materials and functions. Just choose the one that best fits the other furnishing elements in your patio, balcony or terrace, and enjoy relaxing moments outdoors with your friends and family: our cushioned sun loungers offer full comfort, and if you want to add an extra touch of charm and comfort for your loved ones, why not opting for a charming double sun lounger or even a swing hammock, to rock while making the most of every ray of sunshine? All you need is a balcony, a terrace or a garden: the idea is simple but ingenious, and it's a smart choice for anyone who spends most of his time in a sitting position. Take a look at our gallery of products, all of which are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the elements without sacrificing elegance and comfort.

Modern sun loungers: why should you get one?

Garden sun loungers have enjoyed constant success and given rise to variants such as tripolinas and director's chairs, all part of the wider category of so-called rational chairs, extremely handy to save space, as they can be easily folded and stored. In all of this, the principle is always the same, no matter how much time passes. In short, sun loungers and garden chairs come with a design that is difficult, not to say impossible, to overcome. Every now and then someone tries to come up with new ideas, such as inflatable chairs that fill up with air but the truth is that, if you really want to be comfortable and relaxed, a garden sunbed is simply the best option.

Of course, there are alternatives, such as the very common deck chairs or beach chairs and garden swings, but sun loungers gained a special place in the hearts anyone who loves of relaxation and needs a practical, space-saving and affordable solution. Swimming pools, bathing establishments and anyone with a garden choose sun loungers because they are comfortable, relaxing and now even more versatile. So how do we improve such a successful product? Continue reading to find out more.

More than just a sun chair: improve your comfort with our sun loungers

When the warm months begin, the garden invites you to linger and relax. Whether for relaxing, sunbathing, reading a book or taking a midday nap, a sun lounger is ideally suited to make yourself fully cosy and enjoy the greatest comfort. In contrast to other garden furniture such as the garden chair, it offers a horizontal surface to lie on and many other details such as:

  • Practical head and neck pads

  • A canopy that provides protection from intense sunlight and provides pleasant shade when relaxing

  • Rollers for easy transport, which increases comfort further

The backrest and often the foot section can be folded up or down as required to set up the desired position. The sun lounger ensures wonderful moments of well-being. For sunbathing for two, there are modern double loungers with a large, continuous area on which to lie. You can relax very well with a swinging lounger or a rocking deck chair.

Buying a sun lounger: some important features

First of all, we can talk about materials, which today are increasingly high quality, but there are other characteristics to evaluate. Let's have a look at them together:

  • Quality fabric
    Today's quality sun loungers are mostly made with Textilene fabrics, a synthetic fibre derived from PVC processing that is ultra-resistant to tearing and does not suffer from atmospheric agents or prolonged exposure to UV rays. This is particularly useful for swimming pools and bathing facilities, that the sunbed will not lose its colour over time, as is usually the case with ultraviolet rays, will not suffer from rain or saltiness and will therefore be able to resist over the years.
    For a bathing facility, this means reducing costs and keeping the quality of the furnishings high, a purely aesthetic aspect perhaps, but one that can make all the difference when you want to maintain a certain image with your customers. In addition, a sunbed with a built-in adjustable canopy provides pleasant shade, which is much cooler than that of a lower quality synthetic fabric.

  • Reclining sun loungers with adjustable backrest
    While deck chairs and beach chairs used to dominate the beaches and swimming pools, the popularity of sun loungers is increasing. All sun loungers you can find on blumfeldt come with multi-stage adjustable backrest ranging from upright sitting to relaxed lying down, covering more positions than in the past: aparte from the classic horizontal position, you can move to the same sitting or intermediate adjustments that you would get with a traditional sunbed.

  • Anodised aluminium, stainless steel and poly rattan
    Materials make a huge difference, in terms of durability. Textilene has its advantages, but also the more structural components, the ones you don't see, should not be underestimated. A garden sun lounger made entirely of poly rattan is free of iron parts that tend to rust or decay with exposure to the weather and salt. The life of a poly rattan sunbed is certainly longer than that of an old, obsolete sun lounger. Textilene sunbeds are built using screws and components in anodised aluminium and stainless steel that do not rust and are not affected by the weather. For a bathing facility or swimming pool, it still means reducing running costs, which is definitely not an insignificant aspect; whether in polyrattan or aluminium and textilene, today's sunbeds offer an unprecedented level of comfort.

  • Foldable and adjustable sunbeds
    The design of the sun loungers offers extreme comfort and it is difficult to think of improving it. But we can always improve the structure and usability. Today's reclining sun loungers are foldable and adjustable, giving you more possibilities to set the seat in the way that suits you best. In addition, given the reduced weight of the next-generation materials, they are easier to transport, an undeniable advantage if you fo to public beaches, but also if you just simply use them in your garden or terrace. For those who use them professionally and have plenty of stock, the possibility of folding and stacking their sun loungers saves space and facilitates end-of-day operations such as cleaning and maintenance. Some models are also fitted with handles or wheels to maximise these features.

  • Finger protection
    If we think back to the sun loungers from many years ago, we can't forget all the times our fingers got caught in the gears and clicks needed to open and adjust them. Nowadays, at last, fall-protection systems have been adopted in all quality sunbeds, and their legs can be opened and set without any inconvenience. The strength and load-bearing capacity of the best sunbeds has also been increased through the use of the latest materials, so that even under excessive weight we do not run the risk of finding ourselves on the ground, in the sand or in the grass.

Different materials for your sun loungers

Different materials can create distinct ambiences for garden loungers:

  • Wooden sun lounger: this natural, high-quality material creates a cosy, homely, Mediterranean and rustic ambience. It conveys elegance at the same time, and depending on the type of wood, it is also weatherproof. You can protect wooden garden furniture from becoming discoloured by coating it with oil.
  • Aluminum garden lounger: robust aluminium loungers have the advantage that they are weatherproof and can face even the harshest weather conditions They are also not that heavy, so these light metal loungers have the advantage of optimal mobility and flexibility. Garden furniture made of aluminium is very easy to maintain. If you want to enjoy it for a long time, you should clean it regularly.
  • Rattan garden lounger: comfortable, lounge-style poly rattan loungers in an attractive design are particularly popular. They look very classy, ​​offer optimal comfort and create a very elegant atmosphere, with their tasteful design that visually enhances any outdoor area. Nowadays, modern rattan garden furniture is mostly made of poly rattan. This is an innovative mesh made of polyethene which persuades with its easy-care and resistant quality. The loungers, therefore, require little maintenance and can be covered all year round with a protective cover.

Discover our selection of sun loungers

Whether used for relaxing or sunbathing, the garden lounger belongs next to the garden table and chair in every patio or terrace. Once you have one you will never want to do without it, because it makes it possible to get a thorough relaxation. Our selection offers the right relaxation lounger for every taste: for example, a classic metal or wooden lounger, or a garden lounger made of rattan or stainless steel. If you enjoy the sun, you should opt for a light garden lounger made of aluminum, and we offer you enough varieties to grant your every wish. How about, for example, a swinging, tilting or comfortable double lounger? Rolling loungers make it possible to place the sun lounger wherever it is preferred.

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