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blumfeldt fire pit BBQs: trendy, practical and versatile!

Fire pit and BBQ packed in just one item? Fire pit BBQs are a smart idea and a great alternative to conventional upright BBQ grills. Their exciting visual appearance is complemented by a number of features: a fire pit grill with fire bowl provides a pleasant source of heat and, of course, it is perfect for grilling. In addition, with a tripod fire pit grill, you can hang a pot to prepare delicious stews, goulash, soups or mulled wine. No matter whether it's summer or winter, a fire pit BBQq is always an practical, multifunctional asset for your patio or garden!

Our range of fire pit BBQs

On blumfeldt you can find different models for your fire pit and grill. As solid workmanship is guaranteed on all our items, safe use is always guaranteed. If you are looking for a fire pit and bbq in one item, you can learn about the various possibilities beforehand and, depending on the space available, in our product gallery you'll find the small fire bowl bbq or more spacious fire pit BBQ you need. With a stainless steel fire pit grill, endless BBQ fun is guaranteed in any case – in smaller groups as well as during a BBQ party with many friends.

The fire bowl, which comes with every swing grill, acts as the container for the charcoal or BBQ briquettes. Once your hunger has been satisfied, the bowl can then be converted into a visually appealing patio heater. The flickering flames remain interesting in every season of the year, with fire spreading a pleasant warmth on cooler nights. Our Rosario model is ideal for adding new aspects to the popular BBQ pastime. The grill will impress with its stability, and the steel table top also offers space on which to place hot drinks.

Equipped with a grill boom arm, our Turion und Delion fire pit BBQs are also well worth seeing and practical. A robust wire hoist ensures that these grills can be reliably used, avoiding the risk of burns. The grill grate can be turned without any problems and the distance to the embers can be altered as you wish. Perfect BBQ results are therefore guaranteed! As a special feature, both models have a practical wooden surface to place items upon. Thanks to the handles located on the sides, it's easy to move it around.

Fire bowl BBQs

BBQ connoisseurs and enthusiasts love fire pit BBQs! The design of the Catania model alone will make you want to enjoy wonderful, long BBQ evenings. The fire bowl is made of thick sheet steel and, as with every BBQ grill from blumfeldt, high temperatures are no problem – The fire pit grill, complete with fire bowl, is able to handle everything. The black fire-resistant paint can be seen on both the bowl as well as the tripod. The rustic look of the BBQ grill fits perfectly in the garden or on a spacious terrace. The tripod can be used to hang a pot from, while the ability to adjust the height is a convenient feature.

Buy a fire pit BBQ: service and quality at blumfeldt

We make sure that all our products are of high quality. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of BBQ grills in a variety of designs. No matter whether you're looking for a classic charcoal BBQ grill, a modern gas or electric one or the particularly down-to-earth rusticality of a fire pit grill, you'll be able to find your own grill and can look forward to some fantastic culinary experiences! blumfeldt delivers on time to the address of your choice. Now the BBQ fun can start, with a practical stainless steel blumfeldt fire pit barbecue.

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