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Would you like to enjoy evenings in your garden, no matter the season, and you are planning to buy a patio heater? Then a garden chiminea is an excellent solution to turn your outdoor space into a warm, cosy space, making it possible to stay outside enjoying good company and conversation even when the air becomes chilly.

When talking about chimineas, we are referring to, front-loading, free-standing fireplaces equipped with a vertical smoke vent or chimney. For this reason, chimineas can be seen both as garden decor items and heating devices, and they have become extremely popular in UK gardens, serving as a warm focal point for guests to gather around after the sun has set.

An outdoor fireplace provides pleasant warmth not only on colder summer evenings but also in the transition months and even in winter: the crackling fire adds to the romantic atmosphere, and will allow you and your guests to enjoy your garden, patio or terrace even when the temperatures are colder, for unforgettable moments of conviviality watching the flickering flames.

blumfeldt offers you different garden chimineas for sale, ranging from classic to more contemporary designs. All of them feature easy ash removal systems, safe grates for effective flame protection and a generous area for burning wood. With one of our garden fireplaces you can effortlessly create a cosy and warm atmosphere and delight your guests at open-air lunches and dinners, as well as on more informal occasions. Take a look at our products, and find the model that best suits the style of your terrace or garden.

How does a garden chiminea work?

A garden fireplace has a great cost advantage over a radiant heater, which is operated with expensive electricity. In addition, it does not emit any unpleasant odours, as is the case with gas radiant heaters, for example. The heat is generated by a visible fireplace, which also feels snug and cozy.

The smoke is released into the open air via the exhaust. Robust feet ensure stability and safety from tipping. The outdoor fireplaces and stoves are made of a variety of materials. Steel models are very robust and mostly resistant to weather influences, and they tolerate high levels of heat. Garden stoves are easy to maintain due to their robustness, and If you want to use the fireplace after a long break, for example after winter, you can remove the coarse dirt with a hand broom. There is also the option of using a brush and detergent. or protecting the chiminea with a cover.

Which chiminea and accessories do you need?

Have you decided that an outdoor chiminea is going to be the latest addition for your outdoor oasis of relaxation? Great! The first choice you have to make is material, as typically garden fireplaces are made of clay, steel or cast iron. Here’s some other questions worth posing yourself before your purchase:

  • How big is your garden or terrace?
  • Would you go for a mobile or a fixed chiminea?
  • Are there any pets or children?
  • Are you going to use your chiminea just for heating, or you’d also use it to cook?
  • Which fuel are you planning to use?

In the following table, we are comparing the main advantages and disadvantages of clay, cast iron and steel for garden chimineas.

Chiminea material Advantages Disadvantages
  • Maximum safety for pets or children
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It reaches mid-range temperatures
  • It’s an ecological material
  • It’s heavier, so it’s more difficult to move
  • It can crack easily
  • Not suitable to warm large spaces
  • Can be damaged by weather
  • Cannot be used with coal
Cast iron
  • You can use it to cook
  • Can heat large spaces
  • It reaches high temperatures
  • Difficult to move around
  • Depending on the fuel, it’s harmful to the environment
  • It rusts easily
  • The outer shell reaches high temperatures
  • You can move it easily
  • Can be used to cook
  • Easy maintenance
  • It’s possible to use different fuels
  • Not suitable to heat large areas
  • Doesn’t reach the same temperatures of clay and cast iron

    Comparing these three options, consider that steel is the easiest material to maintain – as it’s immune to rust and cracks. Another advantage of our steel chimineas is their reduced weight, allowing you to move them easily and change their location according to your needs, and some models are also suitable for cooking – as they feature grills or cooking plates, which are perfect to boil a kettle or warm a saucepan. On the other hand, as you can see in the table, steel can’t reach the same temperatures of clay and iron

    Some accessories will also help you achieve the best results when using your chiminea. Among these, a chiminea cover, a chiminea guard - especially if you have pets or young children around- and a poker to shift ash and get more air under the fire. If you plan to use your chiminea on decking or any other non-heat-resistant surface, you should seriously consider using a floor protector.

    Some safety tips to use your chiminea

    As these are devices with a flame, the use of a chiminea imposes some basic safety rules, even more so if there are children or pets in the vicinity. Although our garden fireplaces are equipped with effective flame protection systems, there is always a slight risk. That is why we have compiled this short guide to the safe use of chimineas; by following a few simple rules, you can enjoy the warmth and view of the flames without any worries, in the company of your friends and family, for hours of conviviality outdoors.

    • Make sure you use the chiminea on a flat, non-flammable surface

    • Keep your chiminea fire pit at safety distance from flammable materials such as plants, garden furniture and gazebos with textile parts.

    • Do not overfill your chiminea. Flames coming out of the funnel are a clear indicator that your fire is too large.

    • Do not leave the chiminea unsupervised when the fire is burning

    • Instead of water, use sand to extinguish the fire, when possible

    • Pay attention to kids and pets when staying round a lit chiminea

    • Use fire-proof gloves to protect your hands and forearms, in case you have to touch a hot chiminea for any reason.

    Buy your modern chiminea at blumfeldt

    If you want to enjoy your garden or terrace all year round, you should buy an outdoor chiminea, and the offers you can find at blumfeldt are simply unbeatable. In contrast to commercially available garden barbecues, our garden chimineas are built more solidly and inspire with their decorative appearance and the cosy warmth that they radiate. When you buy one of our outdoor fireplace, the pleasant fire also creates a cosy ambience and a unique atmosphere. It not only provides warmth but also light for cosy hours. You can use it all year round. Thanks to the different sizes, you don't have to do without a fireplace, even in smaller gardens. There are many weather-resistant and low-maintenance products that fit in any corner.

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