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Do you still have free corner in your living room and plan to buy a beautiful armchair to fill it? Leather, fabric, microfibre, embroidery: the choice of upholstery to satisfy your desires is vast. Shape, backrest, armchair bed, seat padding or foam density: there are several criteria to consider to make the best choice. If you want to start the day comfortably or relax with friends in the evening, you need a comfortable base: here, we present armchairs and stools in a design-conscious and high-quality selection suiting all tastes. On blumfeldt you can find a wide a choice of different materials, colours and designs so that a coherent concept with a feel-good atmosphere can emerge with a view to the existing furnishings.

Armchair with footstool and upholstered chairs

Armchairs with footstools have celebrated a remarkable revival as classics in recent years. This comfortable piece of furniture finds its place again in more and more living rooms as a supplement to a sofa. Adding an armchair with a stool, you can create a visually appealing oasis of relax in your living room, to linger and relax at any time. The models available here show that this furniture classic can be very modern and functional in any room, and you can use different combinations for a very individual furnishing concept.

An upholstered chair, in particular, embodies noticeable comfort, as the soft material hugs your back comfortably. You can sit comfortably on an upholstered bench to enjoy a relaxing break from everyday life. Those who prefer a more clear and functional style can opt for dining room chairs made of wood or metal. Upholstered elements provide a plus in comfort, whereby the robust materials can be combined as classics with many other pieces of furniture.

The right size and covering for your armchair

From both an aesthetic and practical point of view, the choice of upholstery is crucial. It is necessary to adapt the armchair to your décor and your daily life (children, pets, etc.). Below are the most common upholstery materials used for armchairs.

Material Characteristics Maintenance
Fabric (cotton, polyester cotton, velvet, embroidered, suede)
  • Affordable
  • Not recommended in the presence of animals
  • Absorbs stains
  • Less durable
  • Dry shampoo for fresh stains
  • Marseille soap and warm water for deep cleaning
PVC/Faux leather
  • Waterproof
  • Stainproof
  • Ideal for small children
  • Good value for money
  • Soapy water and sponge
  • Damp cloth
Natural leather
  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Expensive
  • Long-lasting
  • Regular maintenance with specific products
  • Stain-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Soft to the touch
  • Soapy water and cloth

The optimal size of the armchair depends of course on the space you reserve for it, but also on the level of comfort you are expecting once you are settled. Therefore, it is preferable to choose an armchair that is not too large in relation to the room in which it will be placed, but not too small either, so that you feel comfortable, sitting comfortably. If you use it to lie down and relax, make sure it is wide enough and stable enough. Depending on your intended use, don't overlook the height of the chair's backrest.

It is true that an armchair used essentially as a piece of furniture will not have the same backrest height as an armchair that you use every day and in which you take your daily nap. However, it is important that the backrest reaches at least up to the cervical vertebrae for optimal support.

Colourful stools: a versatile solution for your living room

Very often, when choosing armchairs for the home, stools are not taken into proper consideration. Stools are indeed a handy complement in many situations, regardless of the room where you use them: they are practical and functional, they come in many shapes and styles, and even if they are often designed for a particular function, and can be useful in many circumstances. If you are looking for an elegant and original stool, we invite you to have a look at our product gallery.

How many times do you need that extra space in the living room and find yourself moving chairs from every room, even from the kitchen or bedroom? These are the typical situations where a stool can come handy, as it provides an additional seat, maintaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere at the same time. Low stools, for example, are useful in the living room, where the height of normal chairs may be uncomfortable to use with a low table.

In the living room, traditional stools take on a different connotative function from any other room. In the living room, the most commonly used stool models are low and often upholstered, to be used both as a footrest and as a comfortable additional seat for guests and family members. The living room stools in our online shop are available in different sizes and with different padding. Simple stools are inspired by old-fashioned wooden country benches, although some rustic versions are also suitable for use in industrial style environments, especially if the wood is combined with materials such as metal or leather.

A living room stool can be upholstered or not, depending on what we want to use it for. A stool that is large enough and stable enough can also be used as a practical coffee table and if necessary can be transformed into a comfortable sitting stool with the help of a cushion. Some stool models have more original and functional shapes. Cube-shaped seats are very versatile: they can be upholstered in leather or fabric and some of them also have a practical container for storing plaids, magazines or remote controls. The pouf is a type of stool that blends well with the living room furniture and besides being comfortable, gives the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Need some inspiration to buy matching chairs?

It is worth discovering the current collection. In the blumfeldt online shop, detailed product descriptions and clearly presented top features help you to quickly make a design and quality-conscious choice. Most of our armchairs and stools are available in different colours, and as the images update after you select the colour, it is possible to understand what effect a different colour has. On the other hand, with the help of the search criteria on the left, you can quickly narrow down the selection with a view to your own wishes. Whether price, material, colour or product type: after you give just a few details, suggestions appear that correspond 100% to your own wishes. Shopping is conveniently done with just a few clicks. The anticipation for the imminent delivery is already growing. Then, all you have to do is take a seat and/or put your feet up to relax and leave the stresses of everyday life behind you for a while.

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