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Wash basin

If you want to buy a new wash basin for your bathroom, you will quickly ask yourself what you need to consider. After all, it is a very important piece of furniture. Everything you need to know about the different types, colours, materials used and much more is explained below.

Wash basins in an elegant design

With the right equipment, the bathroom becomes a comfortable space. In the bathroom, the wash basin is an indispensable component alongside the toilet, shower or bathtub. Standing wash basins are trendy and give the room a modern and unusual look. With a height of more than 80 cm, they create a great visual highlight, offer the optimal height for everyone and add value to the bathroom. The basins look like modern sculpture. Everyone who enters the room will enjoy this special sight.

What is a hand wash basin?

These stylish models that are attached to the wall are a special visual highlight in the bathroom. They also offer the advantage that less space and time is required for cleaning. Installation is quick and easy with the supplied mounting material. Whether you prefer a modern wash basin in a rounded or an angular shape is a matter of taste. The design can be chosen to match the rest of the bathroom.

Ceramic wash basin

Wash basins are available in different materials. A good choice is ceramic. It is robust, durable and resilient, and thanks to its smooth surfaces, it is easy to clean. The ceramic wash basin is the classic in the bathroom. The material is very hygienic. Thanks to a coating, the water rolls off well, so that on the one hand cleaning is easy and on the other hand it will not get dirty again so quickly. Lime also has a hard time sticking to ceramics. This makes the wash basins very easy to care for. The material is also insensitive to scratches; even stronger detergents cannot harm it.

The colour white is very popular in the bathroom

It can be observed that the timeless white is still one of the most popular colours in the bathroom. It can be wonderfully combined: a white basin blends harmoniously into numerous surroundings. Whether it is placed in a white room, accented with individual colour concepts or combined with colourful furniture is up to you. In contrast with a colourful wash basin, the possibilities are very diverse. However, more than two different colours should not be used in order to avoid restlessness in the room and to create a harmonious overall impression.

Summary: buying a wash basin

There are many wash basins for the bathroom. Pedestal wash basins score with an elegant flair that gives the room a special ambience. Thanks to their stylish design, these space-saving hand wash basins blend in very well with any bathroom setting. They are perfect for the guest bathroom and are also well suited for rooms that have limited space. You don't have to do without elegant design, as these models are guaranteed to be a visual highlight in the bathroom. Round and angular designs are very popular in terms of construction, and ceramic is a popular choice for materials. The robust ceramic wash basin is largely acid-resistant, insensitive to scratches and easy to clean.

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