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Garden showers are a practical and refreshing addition to any outdoor area, especially gardens, terraces, or pool areas. They allow you to shower outdoors and provide a pleasant cool-down on hot summer days.

A typical garden shower consists of a shower panel with one or more shower heads connected to a garden hose. It can be either permanently installed or mobile and easily movable. Most garden showers feature a single-lever mixer tap that allows you to regulate the water temperature and flow.

Garden showers are available in various designs and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, wood, or plastic. Some models come with additional features such as an integrated foot-washing area, a hand shower, or a rain shower head.

The installation of a garden shower is usually straightforward and only requires a water source and a solid base for attachment. They not only provide a convenient way to shower outdoors but can also become a decorative element in your garden.

Different Types of Garden Showers

Garden showers come in various designs to suit individual preferences and garden styles. Here are some common types of garden showers:

Freestanding Garden Showers: These showers stand on a sturdy frame and can be placed anywhere in the garden. They are easy to install and offer a flexible outdoor refreshment solution.

Wall-Mounted Garden Showers: These showers are mounted on a wall or solid surface, providing a space-saving solution for small gardens or terraces. They can be equipped with a variety of brackets and fittings to meet individual needs.

Solar Garden Showers: These showers use solar energy to heat the water, offering an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to enjoy warm water outdoors. They are particularly popular in sunny areas and can provide a constant water temperature over an extended period.

Design Garden Showers: These showers are often artistically designed and serve not only a functional purpose but also act as a decorative element in the garden. They can be made from various materials such as stainless steel, wood, or glass, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space.

Integrated Garden Showers: These showers are integrated into existing structures such as pools, hot tubs, or garden saunas, providing a convenient way to shower immediately after bathing. They are often equipped with special fittings and shower systems to ensure optimal water quality and temperature.

With the variety of options available, you can choose the garden shower that best suits your needs and personal style, adding a refreshing touch to your outdoor space.

What to Consider When Buying Garden Showers?

When buying a garden shower, there are some important points to consider to make the right choice and enjoy your new shower for a long time. Here are the key aspects to consider:

Material and Quality: Look for high-quality materials such as stainless steel, durable plastic, or robust aluminum. The material should be weather-resistant and able to withstand outdoor conditions to ensure that your garden shower lasts.

Design and Style: Choose a design that not only is functional but also visually complements your garden or terrace. Consider whether you prefer a modern shower or if a more rustic style would better suit your outdoor environment.

Functionality: Consider which features are important to you. Do you want a simple shower just for cooling off, or do you need additional features like a hand shower, a foot shower, or an integrated storage area?

Assembly and Installation: Ensure that assembly is easy and that all necessary mounting materials are included. Also, check if you have a suitable water connection and if additional installation steps may be required.

Water Pressure and Supply: Consider the water pressure and supply at your location. Some garden showers require a certain water pressure to function effectively. Make sure your water source provides enough pressure to achieve the desired performance.

Value for Money: Compare the prices of different models and look for the best value for money. Consider not only the purchase price but also the quality, durability, and features of the garden shower to find the optimal product.

By considering these aspects, you can ensure that you choose the right garden shower for your needs and get a great addition to your outdoor space.


How is a garden shower installed?

The installation of a garden shower depends on the specific model but generally follows a similar process. First, ensure you have a suitable water connection compatible with the shower. Then, assemble the shower according to the provided instructions, which typically involves setting up the structure, connecting it to the water source, and securing it to the ground. Ensure all connections are tight and waterproof, and then test the shower to ensure it functions properly.

How is a garden shower cleaned and maintained?

Cleaning and maintaining a garden shower are important to preserve its performance and longevity. You can regularly rinse the shower with clear water to remove dirt and residue. If necessary, use mild cleaning agents and a soft brush to remove stubborn stains. Regularly check the shower nozzles and water connection for blockages or leaks and repair them as needed. In winter, empty the shower and protect it from frost to prevent damage.

Do I need a water connection for a garden shower?

Yes, most garden showers require a water connection to function. This water connection can be directly connected to the house's water line, or a separate water connection can be installed in the garden. Some garden showers have an integrated tank that can be filled with water, eliminating the need for a direct water connection. In this case, however, ensure the tank is regularly filled to maintain a continuous water supply.
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