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During the warm season, having your own garden is invaluable. A garden provides opportunities for your family and friends to get comfortable, spend hours relaxing, enjoying the fresh air, and recharging their batteries. All you need is garden chairs. We have a broad range of products offering chairs for any taste and desired style. From ordinary chairs to rocking, cantilever, or folding chairs – you will find it all here.

Chairs are indispensable for your garden.

All garden furniture for outdoor use boasts materials and special properties that make it suitable for outdoor storage. This is important as the furniture will be exposed to varying weather conditions such as moisture, cold temperatures, and UV rays, all of which it must be resistant to. Good chairs will meet those demands. Thanks to a variety of shapes, variants and materials, there are products available for any taste. Our offerings include chairs in a minimalist style, intricately manufactured rustic designs as well as products providing superior comfort and wellbeing. A variety of versions is available:

  • Folding and stacking chairs for your garden: if your garden isn’t very spacious, you should get stacking chairs so can keep a sufficient number of seats handy for any situation. You can bring out the chairs while you're entertaining and stow them away quickly and easily after. Folding chairs are also very practical as they don’t take up much space when you put them away.
  • Deckchairs: deckchairs are ideal for comfortable reading sessions and many more activities around the garden. With their reclined seating position, they aren’t suitable as dining chairs.
  • Garden armchairs: how about a comfy armchair? With these chairs, it’s easy to create an outdoor oasis of wellbeing.
  • Dining sets: a full dining set brings garden chairs and a matching table together to form an ensemble.

Garden chairs made from different materials

As the chairs are made from different materials, you should keep in mind when making your selection that they should go with the look of your garden and fit the purpose and requirements you have for them. The choices are:

  • Wickerwork such as rattan or polyrattan: the material is highly suitable for relaxed, lounge-style seating and can be wiped down easily.
  • Garden chairs made from wood: ideal if you like a natural, warm aesthetic, will add a cozy appeal to your garden, require a new coat of paint from time to time for a well-kept and shiny look, hardwood such as oak, larch, eucalyptus, acacia, or teak is more weatherproof than softwood like spruce and pine, wood looks good in any garden.
  • Solid garden chairs made from aluminum: boast excellent resistance to weather, are easy to care for and lightweight for easy transportation.
  • A weatherproof and stylish garden chair made from metal as a classic piece of furniture: a sturdy, rugged, and durable chair that can stay outside all year round.

There are also metal chairs with wooden detailing, for example with seats or armrests made from wood. The natural look of the wood provides an interesting contrast with the sleek metal parts.

Garden chair summary

Garden chairs are clearly the most important pieces of garden or patio furniture besides tables. They turn your outdoor space into an area for relaxation where you can spend many hours in perfect comfort. In our online shop, you will find a very comprehensive range of garden chairs and armchairs made from sophisticated polyrattan, durable and easy-to-care-for metal, or natural wood, to name a few. Matching cushions and covers help turn your garden into a little paradise.

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