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Outdoors is the new Indoors

Who we are

We have been manufacturing blumfeldt outdoor products since 2015. By doing so, we are first and foremost realising our dream to design outdoor products by which we can create our very own piece of nature.
Whether outdoor enthusiasts, guerrilla gardeners or passionate allotment gardeners – what we all have in common is knowing this feeling: arriving in one’s private part of nature. Nothing is more beautiful, and nothing makes us happier!

blumfeldt - wer wir sind

What we do

We like it beautiful but functional. This is also close to our hearts when it comes to all of our products. We want gardens, terraces, and balconies to be as homely as our living rooms. By means of integrated technology, we are creating the comfort that makes the outdoors even cosier. Because: outdoors is the new indoors.

blumfeldt - was machen wir

Our lifestyle

By the way, what do today’s garden owners want? What are their individual requirements and ideas for an open-air living room? These are the points we focus on every single day. To us, ‘outdoor’ means creating a personal wellness oasis.

blumfeldt - unser lifestyle

Our most important leaders

Peter Chaljawski
Martin Meier
Peter Chaljawski

Peter Chaljawski (Founder)

"Blumfeldt is a true success story that we are very proud of. We have been continuously increasing our market share since launching and receive fantastic customer feedback up to this day."

Martin Meier

Martin Meier (Product Manager)

"What makes blumfeldt special is that we are manufacturer and retailer at the same time. It allows us to be particularly responsive to customer requests and trends."

blumfeldt x Chal-Tec

Blumfeldt is a brand of Chal-Tec GmbH from Berlin. Founded in 2005, the company operates as a successful brand incubator and has been offering decorative and practical garden, terrace and balcony design via blumfeldt since 2015.

blumfeldt x Chal-Tec
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