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Buy a party tent from blumfeldt

For a nice outdoor party, you will need a suitable location, because even though it might be pleasantly warm one moment, it is possible that at any minute, it could storm or rain. In these latitudes, there is no guarantee of dry and warm weather. The party canopy is the perfect choice. Thanks to the many different sizes, all guests can find enough space without having to freeze or get wet. What about, for example, a 4x6 party canopy? With the party canopy, the celebration can go on uninterrupted by the rain.

Provide dry and inviting shelter with the garden tent

Do you want to avoid your celebration going underwater? Then you should buy a party canopy. So that you and your guests stay dry and you create a pleasant atmosphere. No matter if it's a grill and garden party, birthday, wedding, baptisim, confirmation, or company celebration, garden canopies offer something for every party, as they look friendly and inviting regardless of the weather. As for the materials, a distinction is made between PE and PVC. Canopies equipped with a waterproof PVC tarp are very robust and weatherproof. Even in winter, the fireproof models are ideal if a space heater is being used inside. All canopies are equipped with windows. A stable metal skeleton ensures a secure stand and hold. If you want to buy a canopy, you should not compromise on quality, because a canopy made of high-quality materials that has been carefully can be used as shelter for many years.

Party canopies available in different sizes

The canopies are available in different sizes. Choose the appropriate model according to the number of guests who should be accommodated and the dimensions available. You will find a smaller party canopy that is 3x6 or 4x6 meters in size. Additionally, there is a mid-sized 4x8 party canopy. Models with a size of 6x12 meters are suitable for a large number of guests. The ideal garden canopy exists for every occasion. Other sizes are available above and below. The canopy should be big enough for its intended usage. Parties often end up being larger than planned. It is therefore recommended to get one size bigger. As a rule of thumb, approximately 0.5 m² should be allotted for a standing person and about 1 m² for a seated person.

Party tent assembly

For a garden party for a small group or for a celebration with a lot of guests, So that you don't have to worry about the weather for your celebration. If the sun is shining intensely, you and your guests will be shielded from heatstroke and sunburn, and in the rain, you will have a dry place to sit. You can quickly and easily get a supply of fresh air by opening individual sections of the walls. Figure out how much space you have available prior to making your purchase. Take into account any possible obstacles such as shrubs or hedges. In addition to the available space, the occasion and the number of guests must also be taken into account. Tables, benches, decorations, and music stage will find plenty of room in a large canopy.

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