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Bathroom accessories for a comfortable oasis of well-being

If the bathroom is to be transformed into an oasis of well-being, comfortable and practical bathroom accessories are indispensable. At blumfeldt, customers will find a varied range of bathroom accessories. In addition to space-saving shelves and other storage options, this includes, for example, versatile hair care products. The huge selection of products in our range leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to bathroom design.

Comfort in the bathroom thanks to towel rails and telescopic rods

High-quality towel holders give residents the opportunity to hang up bath towels in an uncomplicated and space-saving manner, allowing the fabric to dry quickly. In our range, customers will find holders made of a durable material that is insensitive to moisture. At the same time, an unusual design ensures that towels can be elegantly hung in the bathroom. When deciding between different towel rails, there are often models with attractive stepped constructions and particularly space-saving alternatives with rods on top of each other.

Telescopic rods are also suitable as bathroom accessories for hanging towels or clothing. Such rods are often infinitely extendable and can therefore be adapted to the individual space conditions in the bathroom. In addition, there are versatile telescopic rods with which the owners can comfortably open the shower curtains or curtains in the bathroom. In many cases, users can simply clamp the practical tool to the curtain and fasten it securely. With non-slip and sturdy material, many rods ensure stability. For this reason, holes and screws are often unnecessary during the installation of the accessories.

Shower shelf and other storage options for the bathroom

A shower shelf gives everyone in the bathroom the opportunity to store personal items in a space-saving manner. Shampoos and other care products are therefore within easy reach in the immediate vicinity of the sanitary facility. In addition, the high-quality shelves score with water-resistant materials and an elegant design that visually enhances a bathroom. Large variants of the shower shelves enable clear order with several levels.

Alternatively, there is the chance to buy a special bathtub shelf as a bathroom accessory. Such storage options can be attached across the edge of the tub to save space. This allows residents to take a leisurely bath while grabbing objects from the shelf quickly and easily.

An elegant wall shelf also creates an authentic spa feeling in the bathroom. Straightforward and edgy designs add a rustic charm to the setting. At the same time, shelves with a stable construction impress with their reliability.

Buy practical bathroom accessories for hair care

Anyone looking for high-quality bathroom accessories for hair care will find what they are looking for at blumfeldt. Our range includes versatile hairbrushes that are basically suitable for every hair type, and are even helpful when it comes to beard care. High-quality brushes massage the scalp intensively and still feel comfortable. Hairbrushes of high quality are also important for caring for the ends of the hair.

Our range of bathroom accessories also includes hair clippers. Anyone with sufficient talent and experience can use it to create impressive hairstyles. Models made of high-quality stainless steel are extremely durable. In addition, customers discover haircutting scissors with us that have micro-serration on one side. Such product variants are particularly suitable for fine hair. Some offers contain a suitable case in addition to the scissors, which enables safe storage. Tips and hairstyles with fringe can easily be trimmed with good haircutting scissors. In addition, it is sometimes possible to carefully trim the beard with suitable scissors.

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