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The home garden invites you to linger and relax. With a high-quality fire pit, you can upgrade your furnishings holistically and benefit from various advantages. We manufacture our products to offer comfortable operation in any situation, and due to the enormous range of garden fire pits for sale in our product gallery, on blumfeldt, everyone can find the optimal solution to cook and keep warm in the garden during the colder months. In addition to the wide variety, our selection is characterised by a 60-day right of return and free shipping. As a result, you can order a patio heater for your garden from us without hesitation and risk-free. Browse our diverse assortment, including chimineas, infrared heaters and fire pit bbq, and compare the different models conveniently online.

Outdoor and garden fire pits: use, purpose & advantages

An outdoor fire pit has many different uses and can be useful in all seasons. In spring, summer and the first few weeks of autumn you can use it to cook food outdoors with a grill, while in winter it’s possible to heat an outdoor area or make a room more comfortable, especially when there is no heating system available. Even when used to set up a fire, however, a fire bowl can serve various purposes: in winter, for example, it can be used as a container and support for spare wood to burn in the fireplace at home. In summer, on the other hand, if you move your portable fire pit outdoors, you can fill it with ice and use it as an improvised campfire fridge for picnics and gatherings.

In addition to its undoubted versatility, the main advantage of a good patio fire pit over a barbecue is, undoubtedly, its price. These two types of product can perform the same function, with the difference that an outdoor fire pit - being less complex - can cost a fraction of the price. Fire pits inspire with the perfect interplay between functional benefits and visual added value. For example, a fire pit with grill is ideal for preparing delicious steaks, sausages, and vegetables. Firing with charcoal guarantees an optimal taste experience. Furthermore, such a fireplace acts as an eye-catcher in any garden. If you want to create a romantic and natural ambience, fire pits are exactly the right choice. An additional plus point is the pleasant heat development: accordingly, fire pits allow year-round use of your beloved garden.

How to choose the perfect fire pit for your garden

If you prefer to choose the ideal fire pit yourself, you will have to face a wide choice. Fortunately, there are just a few features to immediately understand which product is best for your garden or terrace: materials, detachable feet, the brazier's shape and the dimensions. Let’s have a closer look at them:

  • Materials: the material is one of the most important aspects differentiating one brazier from another. A metal fire pit made of cast iron, for example, stores heat more efficiently, releasing it for hours after the fire has gone out. On the other hand, it is heavier to transport than a steel fire pit, and it also takes longer to cool down before it can be dismantled. On the other hand, steel fire bowls are lighter and can take more varied forms than a cast iron fire pit. Finally, an artificial stone fire pit is great to look at and creates a nice, rustic atmosphere, making for cosy warmth and great visual impact.

  • Feet: a fire pit bowl can have fixed, removable or folding feet. The models with fixed feet can be more difficult to transport but offer greater stability on the ground, while those with removable feet can also be used more easily as ice containers. Units with folding feet are most practical for those who frequently transport the fire pit from one place to another but can be unstable. On the other hand, removable or folding feet allow usage as tabletop fire pit

  • Shape: square. oval or round fire pit? Choosing the shape is essentially a matter of taste, but not only that. A basket-shaped brazier can hold more or less wood, depending on its depth, and therefore remain lit for longer or shorter periods. On the other hand, a bowl-shaped brazier can be more portable, or easier to use without feet, provided that the bottom is flat and the brazier can be placed directly on the ground.

  • Dimensions: especially when talking about fire pit grills, size is a good indicator of how much food you can grill on it, how much wood it can hold and how much ice can be stored inside. You can assess the first aspect by taking into account only the diameter, or the size of the sides; for the total capacity, it is necessary to add the depth of the fire pit to the calculation and, in the case of circular models, the shape. If grilling is not your plan, a small fire pit is easier to move and still able to generate the heat you need.

High-quality fire pits with different features

Customer satisfaction is the focus of all our considerations. For this reason, we offer fire pits in various designs. The most important criteria include the diameter and the respective height. Also, fire pits differ in terms of additional features and included accessories. For example, some fire pits come with a grill and a useful poker. Besides, our fire pits score with a high safety standard.

Additions such as functional spark protection prevent rising embers and dangerous flying sparks. Regardless of your specific model selection, all models offer a high stability level: stable construction guarantees maximum robustness and durability. During the manufacturing process, we use heat-resistant materials such as cast iron and steel, which underscores the excellent craft. The blazing flames create an atmospheric ambience and make both cosy evenings and your parties an unforgettable experience.

Order your fire pit on blumfeldt at a special price

Overall, fire pits make a valuable contribution to garden furnishings. The ideal heat development and comfortable grilling make these models perfect fireplaces for sophisticated needs. As a specialist retailer, we focus on your individual requirements and carry a wide range of goods. From a decorative fire basket to a modern fire pit made of stainless steel, we offer a wide variety of designs, always at low prices. Our service is rounded off by expert advice from our competent service team. We support you either by phone or email with useful tips about buying fire pits. As soon as you have selected a fire pit with spark protection or another model, you can complete the ordering process quickly and securely with our flexible payment methods.

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