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Buying garden lights from blumfeldt

No matter whether it's during the day or in the evening, an optimally designed garden always brings joy. That is true with the right garden lights, at least. They make it possible to enjoy the mild summer nights longer. In addition, a romantic atmosphere can be created in your green paradise with outdoor lamps. A variety options are available for this. Below you will find out which garden lights you can buy and how you can use them to create an individual lighting concept in the garden.

Garden lights have a number of different uses

Garden lights are an indispensable element that should be given sufficient attention when designing. Not only do outdoor lights make it possible to enjoy many pleasant hours in the evening, they also fulfill many other functions:

  • How about, for example, charming light on the garden wall or lamps that illuminate hedges, plants, sculptures or figurines? Accent certain areas with outdoor lights as highlights.
  • There are even LED seat cubes that give the seating area a very special ambiance. LED lights are an energy-efficient solution because you can save up to 90 percent energy with them. Bulbs with a warm white light color are best suited to illuminate seating areas. Floor and stand lamps are ideal for lighting large areas.
  • Oil torches bathe the garden or the terrace in a magical sea of flames. Garden torches are suitable as decoration for a party or romantic hours for two.
  • In addition, you can immerse the pond in beautiful light with environmentally friendly solar lights for the garden and create a special ambiance. The basic principle of solar lights is the practical use of the sun. They not only contribute free light, but also create a unique atmosphere. They are completely independent of power sources and can be used very flexibly. They activate themselves when it gets dark, so they do not have to be switched on or off.
  • Spherical lights can also lie around the pond. Pool and pond lights visually showcase the water surfaces and create a poetic atmosphere with their unique play of light.
  • If you buy garden lights, you can use them to illuminate paths and thus reduce the risk of falling thanks to increased safety. They make it easier to spot obstacles in the dark.

The areas of application are quite diverse. The assortment offers the right garden lights for every taste and need. The selection depends on the intended use. They can be used for lighting or as decoration.

Garden lights: Summary

With the right garden lights, your green oasis becomes bright and safe so that it remains possible to sit comfortably in the garden even after sunset. But you not only ensure optimal lighting conditions in the outdoor area, with the outdoor lights you also conjure up a snug and cozy atmosphere in the garden and put plants or decorative items in the right light. If the rest of the environment remains dark, the effect increases. Solar lights for the garden are the most economical way to create an idyllic ambiance. They are equipped with solar collectors that absorb the sun's rays during the day, convert them into electricity, and deliver it to the lamp when it gets dark. Outdoor lamps with LEDs are also ideal because they consume only a fraction of the electricity compared to conventional light bulbs. They also last much longer.

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