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A garden fountain is decorative and gives a garden or terrace a wonderful look, while the logical water feature and the splashing of the water have a calming effect upon the mind. This makes it easy to find peace and quiet, leave behind the stresses of daily life and simply enjoy the moment. Furthermore, waterspout fountains, which provide a special water experience, also give wild birds and insects opportunities to bathe and drink the water. There are therefore plenty of reasons to buy a garden fountain and to place it in a decorative setting.

Recharge your energy with the fountain

There's nothing better on mild summer evenings than sitting in the garden in front of a pretty fountain, listening to the rippling of the water and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. The fountain will find a place, even in a small garden, and is a real eyecatcher. With the especially ornate decorative fountains, the focus lies on the extraordinary design. They invite you to relax in the garden with their gentle water display. The calming atmosphere will have an extremely positive effect on the soul in no time at all. A garden fountain invites you to dream and spend time near it.

Large selection of different garden fountains

A fountain is a real highlight in a garden, front garden or on a terrace. The only question remaining is which model to choose: A modern fountain with waterfall – which is an absolute feast for the eyes – or a playful waterspout fountain instead, whose dancing jets of water will leave you fascinated? A real attention-grabber are the artistically designed decorative fountains, such as those in the shape of a figure. An elegant stone wall, down which water constantly runs, is also extremely attractive. A stone fountain is particularly effective in an almost purely natural garden. Eye-catching cascade fountains have a basic structure with a certain height. The water falls down from above, stage-by-stage, over several levels. Cascade fountains produce a number of mini waterfalls, thereby creating a very relaxing atmosphere. A special feature is also the environmentally friendly solar fountains, where the solar module is placed in the sunlight. The water circulates by itself.

Choose a good location for the fountain

As there are many different shapes and sizes of fountains available, you should decide where it is going to be placed before you select which one to buy, When it comes to wall fountains, the decision is usually easy: They can be positioned against the wall of the house or integrated into a natural stone wall. Think about the location because if the fountain is placed beneath trees, you have to expect some leaves, at least in the fall. It is best to place it in as free a position as possible within your range of sight. Alternatively, an additional seating area can be created near to the fountain, e.g. by using a bench. The fountain is a central element within the garden and, as a feature which attracts attention, shouldn't be placed in too concealed a position.

Garden fountain summary

No matter whether in the garden or on the terrace, a stylish fountain is guaranteed to be an eyecatcher and will encourage you to relax. The water in motion creates a very special ambiance. There is a large selection of different models and sizes, meaning that everyone will be able to find the perfect garden fountain. Please note that outdoor fountains need to be protected against frost before each winter. To do so, either add antifreeze to the water or remove the fountain to prevent frost damage.

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