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Arranging your own garden in a cozy style is essential in order for you to feel completely at ease when relaxing in your green oasis and to create a snug atmosphere. The right garden decorations are therefore a must. Garden figures represent a good option. They act as individual focal points, give the garden a very special aura and create a homely atmosphere. Stone figures have a particularly classy and high quality appearance. The following explains the materials which are used and what needs to be considered in respect of maintaining the figures.

Various sculptures for the garden

Garden figures are available in different types, shapes and colors and from various materials. As a result, everyone will be able to choose their own individual style and to decorate and embellish their garden according to their own wishes. Initially, figures and sculptures were made from animal materials and later from stone, clay or other natural materials. Nowadays they are often stone figures. Fiberglass cement is a very popular material. Create deliberate focal points by illuminating a sculpture using a solar or LED light, placing smaller figures next to tubs filled with attractive plants or by arranging the entrance area or front garden in an inviting manner.

The right figures for everyone

If you're looking to buy some garden sculptures, you'll find a good selection in the online shop: How about the Siddhartha garden sculpture, which brings contemplation and Far Eastern tranquility to the garden? A further highlight is the Ceres sculpture statue, which inspires with its feminine grace and charm. Garden sculptures offer the chance to express one's own feelings towards life and one's attitude and spirit. Equally decorative are pretty garden balls, which act as superb eyecatchers within the garden. They can sparkle in the middle of green foliage, for example.

What do I have to consider in maintaining my garden figures?

First of all, it's important to buy figures and statues whose materials make them suitable for outdoor use. This is why many garden sculptures are primarily made of robust and hard-wearing stone. This material is weatherproof and easy to maintain. Algae and mosses like to accumulate during humid winters, in particular. Stone can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge. The elegant balls are made of durable stainless steel, making them optimally protected against both high and cold temperatures. For most materials, such as natural stone, suitable cleaning agents are available in well-stocked hardware stores. For figures made of artificial stone, the same cleaning agent can generally be used as for plastic garden furniture.

Garden figures in summary

Tasteful decorative items are an absolute must to give a really cozy atmosphere to leisure time spent in your own garden. You should buy statues. They accentuate your garden, visually enhance the green oasis of calm and give it the finishing touch. This gives your garden its own individual feel. The concept of the garden plays a major role in choosing the figures. A Buddha figure, for example, fits extremely well into an Asian-style environment featuring gravel beds and topiary. Garden balls, on the other hand, are the right choice for modern gardens. You should buy the garden sculptures that suit your own paradise in order to create a coherent and harmonious overall picture. The material used dictates the durability and the amount of maintenance required. Figures made of stone, for example, are weatherproof.

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