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Protect your party from rain and wind with bulmfeldt’s gazebos

With the advent of summer, nothing better than spending time in your garden and finding a proper shelter even in high temperatures, enjoying the heat in the right way. Along with pergolas, awnings and privacy screens, a gazebo is undoubtedly the perfect solution for guaranteeing comfort and privacy in your garden or patio. Still, finding a model that best suits your needs, combining high build quality and a reasonable price, can be difficult.

At blumfeldt you will find different models of stylish, heavy-duty gazebos that are practical and easy to use: you can set them up in minutes and protect yourself from rain, wind and the intense sun in the warmer months. Buying one of our pop-up gazebos is a smart investment: not only does it protect you from atmospheric agents, as it also adds a touch of style and cosiness for your outdoor space, creating an element of visual appeal to enjoy hours of comfort outside, regardless of the weather conditions. Continue reading to know more our gazebos for sale, and find the best gazebo to protect your little oasis of relaxation.

Why buy a garden gazebo?

There are many reasons for considering buying an outdoor product such as a gazebo: the type of structure evokes ideas of slightly retro furnishing styles, romantic corners once made of finely decorated wrought iron, small oases in huge flower gardens where ladies and others could take a little break and read a good book, sip a drink with friends or discuss important issues away from intruding eyes and ears.

Who has not witnessed, even in a film, weddings celebrated under the vaults of a gazebo? And who has not been invited to an elegant and modern reception in a large park, specially furnished with gazebos under which a rich buffet and cool drinks were served, sheltered from the summer heat? Even in a small garden or private green space, a structure such as a gazebo, made of the most varied materials, such as wood, steel, wrought iron and fabrics suitable for outdoor use, can differentiate a strip of grass from a well-kept and welcoming place.

Main construction materials for a gazebo

There are many aspects to consider before the purchase: the type of structure, materials, cover, size and so on. However, before concentrating on these technical aspects, it is essential to consider the surrounding environment. Ideally, you should choose your gazebo to enhance the garden and create a perfect harmony between the natural environment and its very structure. In addition, the style of this large garden furniture element should blend perfectly with that of your outdoor space.

On the market you can find a wide range of models, from small gazebos to larger pavilions. Heavy-duty gazebos are suitable for professional use, and catering companies who need to serve food in large areas and to many people, for example, use these structures because they are elegant, practical and easy to assemble, dismantle and take anywhere. Some gazebos can be fixed to the ground. Others are foldable and transportable anywhere, whether for work or travel, meaning that a gazebo is not just a garden element, but much, much more. Construction materials affect a gazebo’s overall appearance, and of course, the price. There are several types of pavilion available on the market, but the basic categories are:

  • wooden gazebos: the best choice when you have large outdoor spaces, as they are generally larger than the other models. The rustic style of wood is perfect for creating a warm, romantic atmosphere. The only drawback is the need to periodically maintain the wood, applying a protective varnish to ensure the structure’s durability and aesthetic appearance.

  • metal gazebos: these variants are ideal for transport, as they are easy to dismantle and take up little space when folded. The choice of aluminium goes well with minimalist and modern style environments inspired by contemporary design, as aluminium provides lightness and overall balance.

  • wrought iron or galvanised gazebos: these materials are the preferred choice of those seeking to recreate a style of furnishing with a lived-in feel. Iron is perfect to create solid structures, without sacrificing the lightness of the overall lines, enriched by ornamental decorations. A gazebo with sides combines very well with cotton upholstery, and choosing curtains and drapery can give an extra touch of class.

Discover blumfeldt’s durable, multi-purpose garden gazebos

On blumfeldt, you can find high-quality gazebos in 118-by-118-inch or 118-by-157-inch formats. All our gazebos feature a sturdy top, and the rods are made from durable materials as well. You can choose between wood and metal gazebos, whose stability is guaranteed even in high winds. The covering will protect you from rain and the sides from wind and moisture, and with a brand-name quality gazebo, your garden party is off to a good start, no matter the occasion. Gazebos are invaluable for both private celebrations such as weddings or birthday parties and festive occasions in a business context, but you can use your gazebo to provide useful shelter for a market booth and other purposes.

blumfeldt’s gazebos feature an innovative structural layout and use the best materials for this purpose, featuring a special PA coating that aids in draining rainwater quickly and completely from the top and sides. The benefits are twofold. First, the water will not collect in the top, so there is no risk of collapse, and the structure will not accumulate excessive load. On the other hand, both the top and sides will dry quickly after use, so you don’t have to be concerned about mould when packing your gazebo away.

Another thing to consider when planning the purchase of a gazebo is its ease of use. Also in that respect, too, a blumfeldt gazebo is the way to go: you can set up our models in a few easy steps, without any particular skills. Simply follow the exact assembly instructions provided with any of our gazebos, and remember that the necessary equipment for assembly is always included, allowing you to assemble and disassemble in no time at all. Also, our gazebos don’t take up much storage space, another plus especially when, due to space limitations, you have to disassemble them during the colder months.

When buying gazebos, buy quality!

Our gazebos meet the highest standards and are designed for maximum reliability and durability, thanks to the use of polycarbonate in the covers of some models. Ease of assembly and disassembly are two other plus points for the gazebos in our range, which you can find in various configurations, including models specifically equipped to accompany your barbecue with friends and more elegant solutions also feature curtain sidewalls. Take a look at our product gallery and find the garden gazebo that best suits your space, while benefiting from the incredible value for money that only blumfeldt products can guarantee.

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