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Buy a garden table - for pleasant hours in nice weather

When designing the garden, garden furniture such as chairs and a garden table should not be lacking. There is hardly anything better than having breakfast in the garden or on the terrace, drinking coffee, having barbecues with family or friends or just spending a few pleasant hours in good company. The selection is huge: No matter whether it is a folding or extending table, small or large, round, square or oval model, a garden table made of wood or plastic, everyone will find what they are looking for.

The terrace table in all its variations

When spring or summer comes, garden owners are drawn back to the home garden to take a nice break from stressful everyday life in the midst of beautiful nature with family or friends. When the weather is nice, it is time to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. An elegant garden table or patio table is indispensable. It brings the living room and the kitchen out under the open sky. The models that are intended for outdoor use are provided with a high-quality coating. If you want to buy a garden table, you will quickly find out how large the selection is and how many different styles and materials are available:

  • Extendable garden table: A garden table that is extendable is extremely practical when there are not very many family members, but occasionally a lot of visitors are received or parties are hosted in the garden. The table can be extended and enlarged in just a few steps so that it offers enough space for all the guests. Extendable garden tables are also suitable for the terrace or balcony.
  • Folding tables: A folding garden table offers the option of bringing it out when necessary, setting it up quickly and then storing it to save space. The table top can be tilted vertically via a hinge. These tables are particularly suitable for gardens, terraces or balconies with little floor space.
  • Side tables and bistro tables: These two tables are suitable for one person and couples who rarely eat in the garden or just not with a lot of company. They are ideal for having a few drinks or snacks alone or in pairs.
  • Garden table made of wood: wood is one of the more popular materials for garden furniture. The tables are stable and long-lasting with good care, for example by waterproofing. They score with an attractive look and stand for naturalness, coziness and timeless elegance. Wooden tables exude a rustic, natural flair. Regular treatment of the table with a glaze, varnish or oil is recommended. It is important to remove dirt from the wood beforehand. For cleaning you only need to wipe the wooden table with a damp cloth, or with a mild soapy water for heavy soiling. Over the winter, wooden tables are best stored in the shed. Protective covers are also a good option.
  • Garden table made of plastic: In addition to wood, there are also inexpensive garden tables made of plastic that impress with their light weight, timeless design, robustness and ease of maintenance. Thanks to their weatherproofness, they are ideal for outdoor use. If it gets dirty, it is sufficient to wipe the table with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild cleaning agent. The advantage is that the tables neither rust nor weather.

Garden table summary

As the center of all gatherings, the garden table is an indispensable piece of furniture in the middle of your green oasis. It is where you eat, drink, relax and chat. Whether folding table, extending table or standing table, there is a fitting model for every need.

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