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Conveniently order fireplaces and patio heaters online

Your garden is an oasis of wellbeing, providing relaxation and recreation. Besides our stylish furniture and decorative items, we offer fireplaces and heaters. These items are perfect additions to your garden and allow you to create a wonderful atmosphere. Our large selection offers the perfect fireplace or ideal heater for your needs. You also benefit from our consistently low prices and customer-oriented service. Compare fireplaces online and find the ideal variant for your garden.

Various designs of hanging grills and braziers

Braziers act as focal points and provide romantic ambiance in any garden. Depending on what you’re looking for, various models are available. For example, our range of products includes braziers of various diameters and heights. The braziers also vary in terms of features such as practical spark protection. For fuel, you can choose between wood and charcoal. Also, we offer high-quality hanging grills that come with several advantages over other types of barbecue. Benefits include easy handling and flexible use. And hanging grills are not just for steaks and sausages but also suitable for preparing grilled vegetables. Another plus is their sturdy construction ensuring maximum stability.

Fireplaces, gas heaters and radiators for year-round use of your garden

All garden fireplaces available combine cozy warmth with decorative design. Materials such as cast iron or stainless steel ensure a maximum of heat resistance and are the mark of high quality. Safety is another strong suit of garden fireplaces. All fireplaces are laid out as stable and non-tipping designs. Looking for a space-saving solution for heating your garden? Gas heaters are the perfect choice: our models have a small footprint and provide heat instantly. Also, gas heaters do away with ash and charcoal removal and require very little cleaning. Our comprehensive range of fireplaces and heaters is rounded off by practical radiators. These devices are ideally suited to mobile use and flexible placement. A remote control provides maximum convenience to the user, and adjustable settings mean that heat can be generated exactly as needed.

Shop fireplaces and patio heaters at special prices

Upgrade your garden with our range of fireplaces and heaters. This will add to its ambiance and allow you to barbecue all year round. If you buy a heater or fireplace from our online shop, you’ll also have the benefit of quick delivery and free shipping. Do you have questions concerning specific product features or the ordering process? We’re happy to provide you with personalized professional advice. Our service team is available by email or phone to support you.

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