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Bathroom radiator

Most people probably know already: you get out of the shower or bathtub, and it's cold. The towel doesn't exactly provide enough warmth either. Things can be different with a bathroom radiator that is also used as a towel radiator. It stays comfortably warm in the bathroom and, thanks to the practical tube spacing, towels can be hung on it and warmed. This transforms the bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing.

Towel radiator - warm towels

In recent years, the bathroom has developed into a place that is no longer only used for hygiene, but also for relaxation. For many, a soothing full bath is a regular part of relieving the stress of everyday life. But while bathing, you don't want to think about how uncomfortably cool or even cold it will be when you get out of the tub. The ideal solution is the towel dryer, which consists of many tubes through which warm water flows. Towels can be hung on it for warming and drying. No matter whether summer or winter, they will quickly become warm and dry in every season. The advantage of hot water radiators compared to electric radiators, which incur electricity costs, is that they are energy-saving.

Bathroom radiators - for pleasant warmth in the room

This multifunctional talent ensures sufficient warmth in the room. This is also a boon for the body after bathing and showering, in addition to the well-tempered towel. This pleasant warmth is created in a stylish and space-saving way thanks to the slim design, which is very useful not only in small bathrooms. Another advantage is that the towel heater ensures a balanced room climate and, thanks to the reduction in condensation of humidity, helps prevent mould from forming in the bathroom. The wall installation or suspension is easy to accomplish with the brackets and assembly material supplied.

Buying bathroom radiators - what to look for?

The heating surfaces should be arranged harmoniously with the rest of the bathroom furnishings. All models score points in terms of design; however, it is important to make sure that the outgoing heat is transported unhindered into the bathroom and not wasted. Only then will the ideal sense of wellbeing arise. With regard to the heat output, it is important to choose the right size of the bathroom radiator. The larger the area, the higher the heat dissipation. The manufacturers usually state for which room size the respective model is suitable. This should be taken into account when making your selection, so that the wall-mounted radiator provides the desired heat output.

Summary - radiators in the bathroom

A modern bathroom radiator is capable of more than just preheating the towels and providing a pleasant shower or bath experience. It also creates a cosy warmth in the room, which significantly increases the relaxation effect. The radiator in the bathroom is supplied with warm water and heated up in this way. Hot water heating systems score with their low running costs, which are considerably lower than the cost of electrically operated models, as the energy for those comes from the mains. Modern rung radiators can find a place even in very small rooms. They fit harmoniously into any room concept. If you want to buy a bathroom radiator, you should pay attention to the dimensions as well as the heat output, which is specified in watts.

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