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Gas heaters for the patio: Enjoy cosy comfort to perfection

An indoor gas heater is the dream of many homeowners. The main arguments that are mentioned in connection with such a heating solution are the romantic flair. And the cosy heat output as well. With a gas heater or catalytic oven, cosiness moves into private rooms.

At the same time, a gas patio heater for the terrace is a special and sought-after outdoor element. What makes the gas heater so special, and what should you consider when buying a gas heater? blumfeldt highlights the most important aspects. We offer an extensive range of gas ovens for indoor use as well as for the terrace.

Catalytic oven: This is how the modern gas furnace solution works

With catalytic furnaces, rooms can be heated by a catalytic combustion process. Combustion of liquid gas occurs using a catalyst material. In the gas oven or gas heater there is a piece of metal mesh coated with platinum. It serves as a catalyst.

Such a gas heater is considered to be extremely low in emissions and can be operated with a gas bottle. A gas outdoor heater can be also be used for closed rooms. There should either be sufficient fresh air available for the gas outlet. Or a chimney should be installed.

The increased humidity in connection with the loss of oxygen indoors. The formation of carbon dioxide results in a mix that requires a supply of fresh air. In this way, no mould can develop, which is favoured by the high humidity.

Advantages of gas garden heaters & patio heaters

Gas radiant heaters, also known as gas heaters, for the terrace are considered very exclusive outdoor accessories. They provide cosy warmth when the temperatures drop significantly in the evening hours of late summer.

At the same time, they give the open-air area an extremely elegant character. They can also be used at outdoor events to give the event a suitable (high-profile) setting. Electrical ignition systems ensure that the patio heaters can be put into operation and provide heat immediately.

There is plenty of storage space in its belly - in different sizes depending on the model. The gas bottle required to operate the gas heater can be placed there.

In terms of design, gas radiant heaters for the terrace are just as versatile. Whether in charcoal-like black, noble silver, in the form of a rectangle, cylinder or cube. A gas patio heater for outdoor purposes, like one for indoor use, is a visual highlight with a truly warming soul.

They can also be used a camping heater.

Are outdoor gas heaters for safe for the home?

Residential gas heaters are very safe when properly maintained and used as directed. You should have it serviced by a qualified gas fitter at least every two years. That ensures the safety of your indoor gas heater.

The safety recommendations are the same, regardless of whether the heater uses natural gas or LPG, such as a propane stove. Adequate ventilation is also important, especially for portable gas heaters without a flue system. You should always follow the instructions in the user manual.

  • Choose a gas heater that is appropriately sized for the home. Before you buy, read the manufacturer's information.
  • If the indoor gas heater is equipped with a filter. It should be cleaned regularly during the heating season to ensure proper air flow.
  • Keep children and pets away from the gas heater.
  • Turn off the gas heater when leaving it unattended or when going to bed.
  • Do not cover or place objects on or in a gas outdoor heater.
  • Keep gas heaters at least three feet away from all flammable objects such as furniture, curtains, books, and boxes. Gas heaters should only be used in rooms with adequate ventilation.
  • Never use or store flammable liquids or aerosols near a gas heater.
  • Most manufacturers recommend regular inspection and maintenance of the device. Two years is usually recommended. Further information can be found in the operating instructions.

Buy gas heaters at blumfeldt

Regardless of whether you are buying a gas outdoor heater for indoor use or a model for the terrace from blumfeldt. Our gas patio heaters are relatively light in weight. They offer a mobile heating solution and can therefore be used flexibly for numerous occasions. In addition, it is an economical heating system, since the acquisition costs are relatively low, in contrast with classic gas heaters.

Due to their compact format, the mobile gas ovens or gas radiant heaters can be used in smaller rooms. They are ideal as a supplement to your conventional indoor heating system. For example, a small workshop can be wonderfully heated with a gas heater.

Indoor gas heaters can also be a visual highlight in the gastronomic sector. They inspire with cosy warmth and create a homely mood. They offer the perfect backdrop when autumn leaves are rustling outside and snowflakes are dancing in front of the window.

All of our gas heaters are delivered free of charge and come with a 2-year guarantee. Orders can be cancelled within 60 days if required.

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