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Find your awnings and garden privacy screens on blumfeldt

A shield protecting from the street or neighbouring properties helps you to relax in your garden or on the terrace far from prying eyes and without being disturbed. If you don’t have enough space to install a gazebo or a pergola , opting for a lateral awning or a privacy fence will help you preventing curious neighbours or passers-by from looking in. In this category from blumfeldt, you'll find the right outdoor equipment to make your garden even more enjoyable and secluded.

In our product gallery you will also find a wide range of solutions to improve not only the thermal comfort but also and above all the visibility of your balcony, terrace or garden. From easy-to-open retractable side awnings to sun parasols and large garden umbrellas providing pleasant shade in the most exposed areas, at blumfeldt you have the possibility of making an important upgrade to the liveability of your outdoor spaces, at an extremely reasonable price. Take a look at our garden privacy screens and parasols for sale, and find the solution that best suits your space, both functionally and in terms of style.

Main advantages of using a awning

Offering good protection from the sun and playing an important role in thermal control, outdoor awnings have become a must for those who want to enjoy their terrace at times when the sun is at its highest, or simply for those who prefer shade or a bit of coolness.

In practice, awnings allow to extend your living space outwards and their protective effect at the same time avoids excessive heating of the house by screening the windows on which it is often installed. An awning combines practicality and aesthetics and is also useful on rainy days thanks to its waterproof fabric.

The solar shading provided by awnings ensures that you can use the outdoor areas adjacent to your building in the summer, despite the strong heat and bright light. Awnings are also very important for energy efficiency: by creating cool shaded areas, adjoining rooms will not overheat, meaning less energy expenditure on air conditioning systems or fans. Privacy is important, especially when you have neighbours. In this case, the awning provides the right amount of privacy for enjoying the outdoors. Last but not least, a beautiful and elegant awning is also a design element that enhances the appearance of your property or garden.

Sun and privacy protection, with our awnings and privacy fences

A classic awning is attached to the front of the house and serves as an extendable overhead sunscreen. In addition to this version, side awnings with the same design help mark the border of your terrace or garden and benefit from the enhanced protection of privacy. Our products use a hard-wearing and non-see-through awning fabric that guarantees excellent durability for many years. The influence of wind and weather has no impact on the material, meaning that it will permanently fulfil its function and contribute to your outdoor area’s visual enhancement.

In addition to the side roller blind model, you'll also find privacy fences with a natural look. With their artificial foliage-like appearance, these privacy products fit perfectly into gardens with plants and greenery, despite their informal and playful design, fulfil the required protective role. The installation and unwinding of the roller blinds or privacy fences can be quickly mastered with a little manual skill and provides the desired protective effect continually.

To securely install and permanently fix a privacy fence from our range of products in place, we offer ground adapters and drive-in sleeves available as suitable accessories. The sleeves are the right choice for your garden area, and you can drive them into the earth like ground spikes. The drive-in sleeves then allow the privacy fences to be securely fixed into position, with the structure itself being designed to cope with stronger winds.

Our ground adapters represent the perfect alternative for securely fixing products into position on your terrace or another solid surface. These have insertion grooves in which to anchor the feet of the side awning you have bought. If correctly installed and screwed into place, the ground sleeves are guaranteed to give you a similarly firm mounted position.

If you would like to upgrade the protective effect of your privacy fences at the time of the initial installation or after a few years, you'll find the right accessories at blumfeldt. For instance, you can buy PVC film rolls for your privacy fence to improve individual strips’ protective effect. The rolls come in different colours, which you can match in respect to their brightness and appearance to the further configuration of your garden or terrace.

How to choose the right garden parasol

Many people prefer a parasol to a pavilion. The main reason for this is the available space: gazebos are most often used in extensive gardens where you need a certain amount of shade. Still, if your garden is small or you don't have a lot of space to dedicate to a parasol, but you don't want to give up some coolness, various models can help you.

First of all, an initial distinction: there are garden umbrellas with a central, off-centre or banana pole, and we can make a targeted choice based on the advantages of each. Also, garden umbrellas come in various shapes and sizes: round, square or rectangular, with different types of fabric or opening mechanisms: classic, crank or a double pulley, to make opening and closing the umbrella as easy as possible.

A decisive factor in choosing the right sun parasol is certainly the space you have available in your garden. If you have little space to devote to your outdoor parasol, models with central support are what you need, of medium size and round or square shape, which can cast shade over at least a couple of chairs and perhaps a small table. This is the solid solution, as the central foot keeps the whole structure firmly in place.

If, on the other hand, you have a few metres to spare for the structure to create shade, you could opt for a large garden umbrella: there are various sizes, but among the most popular are the 3×3 garden umbrella and the 3×4 garden umbrella. These are large installations, so you need several metres to occupy, but with the advantage of a much larger cool and shady area.

Buy the right awning easily and affordably at blumfeldt

Are you looking to enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor area with contemporary canopies or a privacy screen for the garden? At blumfeldt, you'll find many practical design ideas: from awnings and pavilions to elegant pergolas. Together with our garden furniture and creative items to decorate your garden, we can help you breathe new life into any outdoor area.

You can find detailed information regarding dimensions, awning fabric and more under the respective item. If you need help with buying privacy fences, we'll be happy to advise you. With our attractive order prices and free shipping, we're giving you even more reasons to rearrange your garden with quality products from blumfeldt at an affordable price.

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