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blumfeldt's pergolas - a stylish, decorative roof for your outdoor area

A garden, balcony or terrace is a true asset to spend relaxing hours outside during the warmer months of the year. To make them even more inviting and ensure you can make the most out of them at all times, regardless of weather conditions, a covered pergola is a smart element that can add an extra aesthetic touch, enhancing the visual impact and creating a sophisticated atmosphere even in small spaces.

Pergolas are indeed one of the most traditional and impacting solutions to add visual charm and functionality to patios or gardens: historically designed as a colonnade extending for many meters, a wooden or metal pergola, even in small spaces, creates a sophisticated and inviting flair, allowing to enjoy relaxing hours outside without fearing rain or excessive exposure to the sunrays.

At blumfeldt you can find different pergolas for sale, along with a wide selection of gazebos, awnings and privacy screens: we got you literally covered with a wide range of products providing effective protection for your privacy and to protect against harsh weather conditions. Despite the extreme care in design and choice of materials that bumfeldt guarantees for all its products, all models are available at an affordable price, offering great value for your money. Keep on reading to know more about the features of our garden pergolas, and browse our product gallery to find a pergola that perfectly suits your outdoor space.

Gazebos and garden pergolas: the main differences

Pergola and gazebo are often used as synonyms, which creates a bit of confusion, but what are the main differences are between them? Although in both cases they are covering structures allowing sunlight and air to pass through, they differ in terms of how they are assembled: whereas pergolas are usually permanently mounted and attached to one of the load-bearing walls of the house, gazebos are generally mobile and designed to ensure the maximum eas to assemble and dismantle them.

Having said this, the aluminium pergolas for sale at blumfeldt are all mobile and designed to be easily repositioned in your outdoor area, unlike traditional wooden or iron pergolas. This useful piece of garden furniture offers the advantage of the portability of the former and the design of the latter.

Our pergolas come with polyester roofs, they are self-supporting and do not require any kind of installation, meaning that from a regulatory point of view they belong to the category of free building elements: therefore, their installation requires no authorisation, as they have a simple accessory function, to furnish outdoor spaces, and they do not constitute permanent building elements.

Why is aluminium recommended for your pergola?

Ecological and recyclable, aluminium is a material that guarantees a low environmental impact, from its production to its disposal. Its structure and the simplicity of its processing also allow for a high degree of customisation of its shape, thus managing to enhance any type of exterior, whether modern or more traditional. As an extremely durable material, aluminium is perfect for designing a structure that will withstand the elements. Unlike wooden pergolas, our aluminium pergolas do not require frequent maintenance.

Aluminium is a solid and durable material, yet it is particularly light. Its lightness makes for an elegant and refined overall appearance, and by choosing a lean-to structure you can make your home both modern and contemporary, as well as traditional and classic. In addition to this, aluminium has a high rate of customisation, it can be shaped according to one's needs and coloured according to personal taste and preferred style.

In addition, aluminium does not fear extreme atmospheric agents, as it perfectly withstands sunlight rain, wind or snow . Finally, this material does not require any kind of maintenance because it is not prone to rusting despite continuous outdoor exposure. Choosing an aluminium pergola is environmentally friendly because this material is ecological and completely recyclable.

Different pergolas to enhance your garden

Our pergolas with roof, made from high-quality and durable aluminium. are among blumfeldt's leading projects in the area of privacy protection and roofing. We deliver these, as with a pergola made of metal, in several individual parts, which you can easily assemble with a little manual skill.

With popular standard formats such as 3 x 3, 3 x 4 or 3 x 6 meters, our pergolas find their place in every garden or on every terrace. If you want curved shapes and exciting designs for your pergola on the terrace, take a look at the gazebos in blumfeldt's assortment. These bring additional design ideas to your outdoor area, covering many creative facets like a pergola, from modern to nostalgic.

What makes our pergolas really versatile is the possibility to adjust the size of the area to be convered: the foldable roof creates an infinitely retractable canopy that you can open and close at your convenience, through a sliding stepless pulley mechanism. In this way, you can decide to cover your space completely, or leave part of it open for those who want to make the most of the sunlight.

Main advantages of using a pergola

Are you still undecided whether or not to buy a new pergola for your outdoor area? If our offers haven't convinced you yet, here are the main reasons why you shouldn't give it a second thought:

  • Gain shelter from the sun: nobody likes to 'toast in the summer heat', with the sun burning the skin and irritating the eyes. We love being outdoors, but with all the comfort of a well-sheltered area that is cool enough to allow us a minimum of relaxation. Thanks to a covered pergola you can stay outdoors without getting burnt and without the discomfort of excessive heat.

  • Rain shelter: excessive sun is not the only enemy for those who like to be outdoors. Rain is also na big inconvenience. Sometimes, for example, it is not so cold that you have to stay indoors, so having a place outdoors where you can stand while drops of water drip down from roofs and gutters can be just as attractive. Not to mention the convenience of being able to leave clothes hanging or children's toys under the cover without any problems

  • A place to relax: having a moment to take a coffee break, sitting down to read a good book or magazine, rocking while looking at the flowers or the sky, having a chat with a friend or your partner.A pergola is ideal for creating special corners, decorating them according to our taste, embellishing them with plant pots or vines and savouring small moments of pure pleasure.

  • Less heat in the house: when set up as an extension of the inner spaces, outdoor enclosures like pergolas not only provides ssignificantly help to keep the temperature inside the house lower. The rooms will remain pleasantly cool and shaded, without the intrusion of strong, hot summer light.

  • Outdoor dinners with family and friends: everyone has thought at least once about the beauty of dining outdoors during the warm months. Just as when you go out for dinner in summer and want places with tables outside, so you can do with pergolas, but with the advantage of enjoying a space of your own. You can invite friends, relatives or have an intimate dinner for two. We can decorate the area with special garden lights and organise unforgettable birthdays and parties.

  • An extra room outside: by closing the pergola's frame with transparent up-and-down closures, you can create a kind of extra room in your garden. A space that you can use for everything from a fitness area, a laundry area, a greenhouse for plants, a small sitting room, a smoking area , a relaxation corner with a TV, a children's play area and whatever else you want.

  • You can use it for most part of the year: a pergola with a retractable cover or with adjustable slats can be used at any time, in any season. PVC enclosures allow you to use it as an additional room from early spring until autumn, taking advantage of all the benefits that an extra space can offer, including sheltering the area from gusts of wind.

And do not forget: in addition to pavilions, awnings and other practical items, our garden ornaments will help you with further aesthetic improvements for your garden and terrace design. Browse our product gallery, buy conveniently online and implement your unique garden concept without shipping charges and with a return guarantee of 60 days.

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