Infrared heaters


Infrared heaters - enjoy cozy warmth in your garden

When the temperatures in spring or fall make spending time outdoors uninviting, you can still comfortably use your garden or patio with an infrared heater. Our practical infrared heaters create a cozy atmosphere and comfortable warmth on your patio and enrich your outdoor experience well into the night. Additionally, you can find an infrared heater for your baby in order to give a snuggly warmth to the littlest one in your home.

Modern infrared heaters with easy and safe operation

Infrared heaters for gardens or patios are a worthwhile investment, both for a private garden or the outdoor area of a culinary establishment. The warm infrared light creates an appealing atmosphere within seconds and lets you stay sitting in your outdoor area for hours during the transition period. Infrared heaters are usable even in winter, for example if you want to enjoy fresh air on your patio. The various sizes and designs in our assortment make it easy for you to quickly find the infrared heater that fits your space and comfort needs.

The blumfeldt assortment provides you with garden and patio heaters that are ready to be safely set down on the patio floor or hung. Simply mount it to your ceiling or a pavilion in the garden if you don't want to lose floor space. Many models come with a remote control for safe operation of the infrared heater, which enables you to turn the infrared lights on or off with the press of a button. Even when buying a radiant heater, pay attention to the appropriate control technology to switch it on and off directly on the device or from several meters away.

Use changing table radiant heaters as radiant warmers for your children

Our customers not only want pleasant warmth for minutes or hours outdoors. In addition to being used in the garden or on the terrace, our radiant heaters give your baby super comfort when sleeping or changing diapers. With their safe and quick attachment to the changing table, radiant heaters in this category are the ideal purchase for your first children's room. As parents, you will notice how easy and stress-free it is to change with an infrared heater and how your child falls asleep faster in the cold season.

Of course, the exchange of individual heaters is possible without having to buy a completely new radiant heater. Learn about other accessories for our branded devices in this category, for example as a replacement remote control for fast and flexible control. With each article you will get further information, for example about the possibilities for mounting or the stability. Enjoy the security of installing the radiant heaters safely in your garden or on the terrace, so that wind and weather cannot harm them.

Favorably enhance house and garden - with blumfeldt radiant heaters!

When it comes to the practical and cozy use of your garden or terrace, the blumfeldt online shop offers countless suggestions. You will find high-quality roof structures such as pergolas or pavilions with us, which in addition to hanging your spotlights also act as privacy and sun protection. Or use our garden furniture and elegant garden decor to create an inviting atmosphere around your spotlights. Our diverse assortment will certainly give you plenty of inspiration on how to turn your garden or terrace into a great eye-catcher. Favorable conditions and an order with free shipping invite you to order online!

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