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Do you long for cozy hours in your garden or on the terrace? Then the right garden furniture or patio furniture should not be missing. It is ideal for creating a beautiful ambiance. The furniture is available in different materials, for example wooden garden furniture, aluminum garden furniture or rattan garden furniture. But what should you pay attention to when buying garden furniture? How is it properly cared for? The following guide provides useful information.

Create comfortable seating with garden furniture

The right garden or patio furniture offers the opportunity to have meals together, to have a sociable barbecue or to make yourself comfortable away from everyday stress. With the right chairs, loungers, Hollywood swings, tables, garden furniture sets or even garden furniture cushions, it is just as comfortable in the outdoor area as in the living room. There are perfect pieces of furniture for every taste and garden style.

Various patio furniture

The question of the right garden furniture depends on taste, style and the available space. The choices are:

  • Garden loungers, a swing or a beach chair: For a little break, a garden lounger, a swing or a beach chair are ideal. They invite you to linger comfortably.
  • Garden chairs: The look, shape and material play an important role in the chairs: the design should also be reflected in the table, so that a harmonious overall picture is created. Upholstery and armrests ensure high comfort.
  • Garden tables: Of course, the right table for a meal and much more should not be forgotten. It should not only be weatherproof, but also easy to care for, because food or drinks can quickly end up on the table surface.
  • Garden furniture for children: children also want their own retreat in the garden. Garden furniture for children is just right for this. With their children's chairs and a matching children's picnic table, they can paint, do handicrafts or simply retreat with friends.

What different materials is the furniture made of? How do I properly care for my garden furniture?

The decisive criterion when buying garden or terrace furniture is the processed material, because it is left outdoors for several months and has to withstand cold, rain, sun rays and other environmental influences. Below is an overview of the different materials and their properties:

  • Garden furniture made of wood: wood is undoubtedly the classic in the outdoor area. The material is timeless, robust and, with proper care, long lasting. Thanks to its natural look, it integrates very well into the nature of the garden or terrace. Domestic varieties can only withstand the effects of the weather with a varnish and waterproofing with treatment oil. Seal of approval guarantees environmentally friendly and sustainable production. For cleaning, wooden garden furniture only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth, or alternatively with soapy water.
  • Garden furniture made of aluminum: aluminum is ideal for the outdoor area, because it is weather and corrosion resistant, that is, rustproof. The material is significantly lighter than iron, for example, but is equally stable and robust with optimal processing. Aluminum is very easy to care for. With a powder coating, the furniture will remain beautiful. It inspires with a purist look. You can remove dirt with water or a mild detergent solution. With regard to wintering, aluminum furniture can easily remain in the garden.
  • Garden furniture made of rattan: rattan is robust, resistant and does not rust. However, in order for the easy-care material to withstand the weather, it must be waxed or alternatively covered with a plastic layer. Poly rattan garden furniture is weatherproof and durable. The stylish furniture scores with its rustic look and light weight. It is often found in the form of lounge furniture. A clean, damp cloth is sufficient to clean the poly rattan furniture. For stronger stains, use a mild soapy water or, for very stubborn stains, special care products for poly rattan. A rattan treatment oil can be used once or twice a year. For the winter, the furniture is stored in a dry and light-protected room.

Garden furniture summary

There is suitable furniture for every taste that fits well in the garden. But a stylish mix of materials can also create interesting contrasts, for example by placing tables and chairs made of steel in a natural garden. With regard to care, the tips mentioned should be observed. Protective covers are very useful.

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