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Blumfeldt garden furniture: a new life for your open spaces

It doesn't matter whether you have a large garden, a patio, or perhaps just a small terrace: choosing the right garden furniture will bring new life to your outdoor spaces, allowing you to spend relaxing hours outdoors and enjoy maximum comfort and functionality. Tables, chairs, armchairs and rockers, outdoor sofas, benches and gazebos - on blumfeldt you can find a wide range of garden furniture to suit your needs. Our garden furniture is ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere on your patio or terrace, in everyday life and at parties and barbecues with friends, and it is available in different styles and materials, from classic wood for a rustic and cosy style to poly rattan, with a more sophisticated and modern taste, to aluminium, extraordinarily functional and capable of standing the test of time with its excellent durability

All you have to do is have a look at our showcase of products and get inspired by our garden furniture solutions for your terrace. But what should you look out for when buying garden furniture? How do you maintain it properly? In the following sections, we would like to provide you with some useful information.

Find your garden furniture style

The choice of garden furniture is not only a question of aesthetics, but above all of functionality: choosing garden furniture making the most of your outdoor spaces, you will be able to organise lunches, dinners and barbecues, but also simply enjoy precious moments of relaxation away from the stress of everyday life, switch off and recharge your batteries. Our outdoor chairs, deckchairs, rockers and tables, as well as our garden tables and chair sets and accessories, including outdoor cushions, will make your patio as cosy as your indoor living room. All pieces of garden furniture ensure maximum practicality and durability, with a range of products that help create stylish garden lounges to suit every need.

There is no middle ground when it comes to your garden - you either take care of it or you neglect it. Thus, the choice of outdoor garden furniture cannot only be guided by economic criteria. As with plants, outdoor furniture should also be chosen according to:

  • the size of the garden
  • the composition of the soil
  • climatic conditions
  • exposure to the sun

Of course, there are other criteria to consider, such as style and the time available to enjoy your garden. If it is true, for example, that a gazebo can make a good impression in a large garden, it is also true that in a small garden specific pavilions can add the modern touch you are looking for. On the other hand, wooden elements always have their charm and elegance, and some pieces of furniture such as picnic benches, which look great in some gardens, actually clash in others. There is no universal law, and much depends on your taste and budget.

Important aspects to choose the right garden furniture

Before you make your purchase, try to imagine what you want to make out of your outdoor area and figure out if it will be used only by the family or also for social occasions with several people. Identify areas that are not directly exposed to sunlight, - perfect to place your garden table, for example, and if you don't have a cover, our pergolas and gazebos can provide you with a nice relaxing area to use during the hottest hours of the day. If you often use your outdoor dining area for eating, you'll always be safe with one of our extendable garden tables, even when you have surprise visitors. For your outdoor dining area, you'll find wooden and polypropylene garden tables in our shop, both fixed and folding, as well as bistro tables, equipped with a cooler compartment and solutions for smaller children, such as rustic-looking picnic tables.

Our garden furniture solutions

In our product galleries, you'll find all blumfeldt products to help you set up your garden or outdoor area, with items that combine beauty, functionality and unbeatable value for your money. Among the items available, you will find:

  • sun loungers, beach chairs or swing chairs: for a short break, a garden lounger, rocking chair, outdoor sofa or one of our garden chairs are the perfect choice. They invite you to spend your time in absolute comfort, in the company of your family and friends, or even a good book.
  • garden chairs: the look, shape, and material of garden chairs play an essential role, as does their practicality: this is why we have designed unique folding and stacking chairs for you, available in numerous materials and colours, with an eye to comfort, thanks to the presence of padding and armrests. And to add an extra touch to your garden furniture and outdoor space, why not buy one of our garden benches?
  • garden tables: for a meal with friends and much more, a spacious table matching the rest of your garden furniture should not be missing. Your outdoor table should be not only weatherproof but also easy to clean. In this product category, you will also find a varied choice, with extendable garden tables, round and square bistro tables, made of aluminium, glass and polypropylene.
  • Children's garden furniture: children also want to make the most of your garden, and we have designed specific products to meet their needs: with our chairs and picnic tables for children, they can paint, do creative work or simply play, making the most of your outdoor area.

Materials and maintenance

When buying furniture for your patio or terrace, one of the main factors to take into consideration are the materials used, as garden furniture is often destined to remain outdoors for several months, thus having to resist the cold, rain, sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Below we list the different materials we use for our garden furniture, with their characteristics:

  • wooden garden furniture: Wood is undoubtedly the classic material for garden furniture, timeless, robust and, if properly cared for, durable. Thanks to its natural appearance, it blends in very well with the nature of the garden or veranda, but some types can only resist the effects of the weather if they are painted and impregnated with suitable oil. On many of our products, you will find quality seals that guarantee ecological and sustainable production. For cleaning, wooden outdoor furniture should simply be wiped down with a damp cloth, or alternatively with soap and water.

  • aluminium garden furniture: this is the ideal material for outdoor use because it is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant, and therefore immune to rust. The material is considerably lighter than, for example, iron, but it is equally stable and robust, and it is also easy to treat; with a powder coating, the furniture retains its beauty, and even dirt can be removed with water or a mild detergent solution. As far as storage during the winter is concerned, aluminium furniture can be left in the garden without any problems.

  • rattan outdoor furniture: this is a robust, hard-wearing material that will not rust. However, you will need to take care of it by applying wax or, alternatively, cover it with a layer of plastic so that it can withstand the weather. Poly rattan garden furniture is weather-resistant and durable and is distinguished by its rustic appearance and lightness. This type of material is widely used to produce garden lounge furniture. For cleaning poly rattan furniture, a clean, damp cloth is sufficient. For more persistent stains, warm soapy water or poly rattan-specific products should be used. Once or twice a year, it is also advisable to use an oil for the maintenance of the rattan, while regarding the storage of the furniture during the winter period, the indication is to store it in a dry place away from sunlight.

Choose blumfeldt for your garden furniture

We offer you the right garden furniture for every space and can adapt to many styles. Get inspired by our solutions and don't be afraid to experiment. An original idea, for example, would be to create contrasts by placing steel tables and chairs in a natural garden. As far as the maintenance of our articles is concerned, please follow the recommendations above, and where possible always try to cover your garden furniture with a sheet or cover if you are not using it during the winter period.

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