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For healthy plants and a stylish garden, choose blumfeldt’s plant pots

Gardeners enjoy the greenery in their oasis, but what’s the point of having beautiful plants without the proper accessories to put them under the spotlight? Planters and garden pots are perfect because they put them stunningly in the scene, adding an extra touch of charm to your garden at the same time. It is simply impossible to imagine a cosy garden without them.

At blumfeldt, you can find an interesting selection of planters and plant pots, available in different styles and materials. From wooden planters to fibreglass pots, if you're looking for an elegant way to give your plants the right emphasis on your terrace or balcony, blumfeldt has what you need. Browse our product gallery and find the right plant pots to make your plants grow comfortably and safely: from outdoor planters to elegant indoor plant pots, you can always find the perfect complement and equip your garden with a functional solution to keep it clean and furnish your space with style.

Plant pots: what are they used for?

Outdoor plant pots make it possible to grow your plants when there’s not enough soil available in the garden for them to grow freely. They are therefore handy for growing plants on your balcony or terrace and, for this reason, they have to be large enough to allow the plant's roots to develop fully. Unlike smaller plant pots, with a planter you can grow plants of considerable size, such as shrubs, hedges and fruit trees.

Most outdoor planters typically have a drainage hole at the bottom to prevent stagnation, which can damage the roots and cause them to rot. In this case, a plate is usually placed underneath to prevent water from leaking out and wetting the floor. Compared to the solution of growing plants in the ground, using outdoor planters you can always choose where to place the plants, and move them quickly according to sunlight or to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to materials with a strong decorative impact, such as wood or fibreglass, these essential garden accessories can also be an exciting piece of furniture. You can use uutdoor planters to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces in many ways, as they can, for example:

  • mark out paths and driveways

  • contribute to creating a separate corner in your veranda, acting as a dividing structure, as a piece of garden furniture

  • add a touch of class to your poolside

  • be used to decorate the bare areas of your garden or terrace

  • create a focal point for observers, especially those with a more sophisticated and attractive design

House planters differ in terms of construction material, size and shape. As far as the latter is concerned, to facilitate placement and make intelligent use of space, the most common types are rectangular- or square-shaped planters. Other differences exist between balcony planters, specifically designed to be fixed to the railing or window sill using hooks, ground garden planters and espalier planters, particularly suitable for climbing plants, thanks to their vertical grid.

Main materials used for outdoor plant pots

The range of materials used for planters is vast, and each one, as well as being different in terms of cost and appearance, has pros and cons concerning its use. As far as materials are concerned, you can find different ones for both pots and planters. In the end, then, it depends above all on the result you expect and the plants you want to grow. Of course, with planters you can also afford to grow large plants with a certain structure and growth. The important thing is that you calculate the weight of the whole before placing them on the balcony. Let’s have a quick look at the main options available:

  • Terracotta plant pots: by preventing water stagnation and the correct transpiration of the soil, they are optimal for plants’ plant’s well-being. However, terracotta is a fragile material that can easily break, especially at low temperatures, unless treated against frost

  • Stone planters: they are more expensive than other outdoor plant pots, but they are also among the most elegant and durable models

  • Wrought iron planters: often made by craftsmen, they are also available in an industrial version, and are a solution with a high aesthetic impact

  • Concrete planters: they offer maximum durability and resistance to to shocks and weather. Because of their weight, they are challenging to transport, and it is, therefore, advisable to have an idea of where to place them from the outset

  • Rattan plant pots: this very stable natural material is light, durable and robust, and rattan planters are particularly suitable for indoor use, thanks to the elegance of their surface, which fits perfectly with lounge-style furnishings

  • Wooden planters: when adequately treated and impregnated, wood is waterproof and resists moisture well. An additional advantage is its insulating properties, protecting plants from the cold in winter and slow down water evaporation from the soil in summer

  • Plastic planters: thanks to its ease of processing, plastic is perfect to for outdoor planters of different shapes and colours. However, it does not offer the same durability as other materials and can discolour and crumble, if the quality is poor. From this point of view, ibreglass and PVC planters’ useprovides greater resistance to weathering, but the aesthetics are not always attractive.

Planters and plant pots: what to choose?

The challenge is interesting, but why do you really have to choose? Does one option exclude the other? Of course not. You might well decide to alternate planters with pots to create movement, but you can do this in the garden, in a confined space such as the classic flat balcony there might be limits. Let's say, therefore, that you can opt for plant pots in all those cases in which space is not in your favour, while you can let your imagination run wild with planters, especially in the garden, but not only there.

Garden planters can be used in different ways, for example to create a fence, to decorate a bare terrace or to fill a corner of the garden with life. How about using a planter to decorate the garden entrance with beautiful plants or to make the seating area more welcoming? It doesn't matter where the elegant plant pots are placed: with matching plants they will turn into a beautiful eye-catcher and you can create original decorations both in and outdoors. Planters are not only suitable for plants, but also for many types of fruit and vegetables if you are lucky enough to have enough space to grow them.

Large plant pots are ideal for vigorous plants with protruding shoots. Cultivation trays, on the other hand, are better suited to wide, flat plantings, while cylindrical ones allow the roots to grow evenly in all directions. Square planters need to be larger in size and are recommended for plants that do not branch out. An elongated planter fits perfectly on the windowsill, while hydroponic plant pots are very helpful thanks to their integrated watering system so that your plants get the necessary amount of water. The water level indicator shows when you have to fill the reservoir.

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