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Garden owners enjoy their greenery in their oasis. But what use are the most beautiful plants without sensible gear that sets them stunningly in the scene? Flower pots are perfect because they put them in the right light and make them into an eye-catcher. They are indispensable in modern garden design. The selection is very large: anyone who wants to buy plant pots will strike it rich.

Versatile use of tasteful planters

Flower pots can be used in many ways, for example to create path borders, to green up a bare terrace or to fill a corner in the garden with life. How about using a flower box to decorate the entrance to the garden with beautiful plants or to make the seating area more inviting? No matter where these stylish planters are placed, with the right plants they are eye-catchers. Original decor is possible outdoors as well as indoors. They are not only suitable for plants; some types of vegetables or fruit can also be grown in the planter.

A variety of plant pots for every need

The tall plant pots are larger compared to the flower pots. They are ideal for robust plants with expansive shoots, but the volume also differs depending on the product selected. Planter boxes, on the other hand, are more suitable for wide and flat plantings. Round and cylindrical planters allow the roots to develop evenly in all directions. With square containers, the dimensions must be chosen larger. They are suitable for sparse plants that do not branch. An elongated flower box fits perfectly on the windowsill. Hydro planters are very practical. They have an integrated irrigation system so that the plants always receive the ideal amount of water. The water level indicator shows when the reservoir needs to be filled. A draining layer drains off excess water, for example after a rain shower.

Planters made of different materials

The containers are made from robust, weather-resistant materials, such as decorative and shapely concrete planters. They are UV-resistant, frost-proof and therefore durable. The flower pots or other containers can be left outdoors all year round. They defy wind and weather in summer and winter. Another advantage of the material is breathability, which promotes healthy root growth. Fiberglass is another popular material. It is light, yet stable and weatherproof and suitable for robust, hardy plants. How about rattan planters? The very stable natural material is very light, hard-wearing and robust. Rattan vessels are particularly suitable for indoor use.

Plant pots summary

With nice looking planters and other garden tools, you can place flowering accents, whether in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony or indoors. Thanks to the large selection of numerous different products in different sizes and shapes as well as from various materials, everyone will find what they are looking for. If you want to keep the plants outside even in winter, you should pay attention to the right material. Models made of concrete or fiberglass are the optimal choice because they prevent the risk of frost. Other alternatives are winter-proof pots made of poly rattan.

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