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The heart of the living or dining room is the table. Our tables are available in different designs and different materials, such as a wooden dining table, as well as in different colours, such as a coffee table in white. If you want to buy a table, you are sure to find the right model thanks to our selection. Side tables, which can be used in a variety of ways, are also a good addition.

Living room table in different versions

The living room is the central room in a flat or house. This is where the family comes together. In addition to a cosy seat like a sofa, the table should not be missing. This is available in different versions. Whether small or large, a stylish rectangular coffee table, a round, elegant coffee table or a puristic, cube-shaped model, the way the living room table should look is up to you and depends on your lifestyle. A coffee table in white can be combined with all pieces of furniture and textiles as it blends in well with the overall picture. It also fits perfectly with a Scandinavian furnishing style.

Coffee table made of wood, metal or glass

A living room table can significantly influence the spatial effect not only through its style, but also through its material. A coffee table or dining table made of wood is very popular, because the material brings a lot of warmth and comfort to the room and gives it a rustic charm. Each type of wood has its own characteristic look. Living room tables made of acacia or beech are very popular. Metal coffee tables work well with an industrial style. They can also be easily cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth. Tables with a glass top look light, elegant and modern.

Different types

In terms of design, you can choose between four legs and a wide, central foot for the tables. The latter models are usually round and ideal for small rooms. They also score points in terms of optics. Angular models give the room a certain straightness. In the end, the shape of the table is a matter of taste and depends on the space available.

Side tables - the stylish companion in the room

Lean back comfortably on the sofa, with a drink or nibbles easily within reach: this is made possible by a side table that can be placed next to the couch. Of course, it is also suitable as a surface upon which to place a pretty plant or other decorative item. Side tables can be placed anywhere and offer a practical storage space for a wide variety of objects. They are not only suitable for the living room, but are also ideal as bedside tables. It is also a good idea to place one in the hallway if, for example, the connection for the telephone is there.

Summary: buying a table

Tables perfectly complement your furniture. They are more than just shelves for dishes, the remote control or other objects. They can also be a real visual highlight in the room. There are suitable models for every furnishing style and taste. Regardless of whether it is a couch or dining table, the classic material is wood. It looks warm, cosy and homey. The shape depends on the space available. A coffee table that is round works well in small spaces. Compact side tables are also a wonderful addition and can be used for snacks and drinks as well as for placing decorations, and are suitable for every room.

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