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Raised beds

The raised bed: the practical, back-friendly alternative to the classic bed

A raised bed made out of wood or metal offers numerous advantages. It can be set up in the yard, but it can also be set up on the balcony or the terrace. Whether you want salad, herbs, or vegetables, they are easy to plant and simple to take care of, and the yield is substantial. And flowers thrive excellently in raised beds made of plastic or another material. Anyone who would like to buy a raised bed at blumfeldt can choose the best bed for them from among multiple variations.

What distinguishes raised beds?

It's primarily their special design: Raised beds offer a comfortable working height. If the base frame is set up and filled with plant substrate first, it's really easy to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The bed doesn't come into contact with the soil, so it's also suitable for surroundings with unfavorable soil conditions. Some raised beds from the product line can be supplemented with a greenhouse attachment. With the right garden tools you make a regular bed into a cold frame or small greenhouse where delicate plants can be protected as they grow.

Good materials for raised beds

Robust, weather resistant materials are very well suited for them. Blumfeldt makes raised beds out of metal and wood. A zinc-aluminum coating makes the various metals durable and weather resistant. When it comes to the types of wood, they are all treated with pressure, and moisture resistant. The third variant is composed of high-quality composite material.

Where is the right location for the raised bed?

Raised beds can generally be set up anywhere. Ideal locations are places that are sheltered from wind and sunny. For example, possible locations may include in a place in the backyard, a place on the house wall, or a place in the front yard. But raised beds are also ideal for rooftop terraces and spacious balconies. If the backyard or terrace is on the north side and the plants barely get any sun, you can still get good results with raised beds. Quite a number of types of flowers and vegetables are suitable to be placed in the shadows. Even if there's not much space, you can still have a raised bed of herbs. Fresh herbs are popular in the kitchen, and they're also nice to watch grow. Not only that, but they also have a pleasant scent. You can invest in a raised bed and start enjoying your own homegrown vegetables and salad.

How do I fill the raised bed?

Whether the raised bed is made out of wood or metal, it's a good idea to line the interior with a yard fleece. When you're filling the raised bed, the lowest layer should be a drainage layer. Wood chips, hedge or tree cuttings, twigs, branches, and similar materials are good for this. Coarse, water-permeable gravel also works well as a lower layer. On top of that goes a layer of compost, then yard soil. Compost and fresh soil are added in turns until the bed is full. It's a good idea to add more small twigs or wood chips between the each of the individual layers. The top layer is soil. The filling can be used for many years. If you use the bed the following year, just fill in the upper layers that have sunk down. After quite a few years, you'll have to refill the raised bed and completely replace the old filling.

Buying a raised bed made easy!

The comfortable working height and positive visual impact of a raised bed ensure that the practical design will find its way into increasingly more yards. Discover your own excellent-quality, strong, and solidly-built raised bed at blumfeldt now.

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