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Garden furniture sets

Sofa for garden? Discover blumfeldt garden furniture sets

When temperatures rise, the open areas of your home - whether it's a balcony, terrace or an actual garden - quickly can become the hub of all your daily activities. Your garden is the perfect place to relax and take a break, and with blumfeldt garden furniture sets you can easily create a cosy oasis of well-being, to eat with your family or friends, relax and leave your daily routine behind.

Do you want to make the most out of your pergola or gazebo and you need to add to final touch adding a stylish a patio set? In our product gallery, you can choose different polyrattan garden lounge sets, bistro sets, garden tables and chairs in different sizes, but also picnic tables and swing chairs to create your little corner of happiness while relying on the high quality of the materials we use and the unbeatable value for your money.

Choosing your garden furniture set: main criteria

Your garden furniture, in addition to being practical and comfortable, also has to express elegance and good taste. Choosing the right garden dining set can make a difference, considering that today's garden furniture is in no way inferior to indoor furniture. In this respect, any of our patio tables and chairs is so functional and well-designed that it would not look out of place in your living room.

To choose the most suitable garden set for your needs, evaluate the size of the spaces available and the functions your garden furniture set has to perform. Outdoor tables and chairs remain exposed to the action of the sun and weather for most of the year: for this reason, aim for good quality products rather than trying to save money with the risk of having to replace the furniture after a few years, if not months.

Secondly, comfort is essential: whether you buy a simple bistro table set, a rattan corner sofa or a larger garden furniture set, their robustness and waterproofness are not enough, if you are not tempted to seat; after all, outdoors you should feel the same feeling of well-being as at home. Last but not least, your garden furniture set must also be functional and therefore not require complex and frequent maintenance. With this philosophy in mind, we have developed a range of garden tables and chairs that stand out for their comfort and practicality, but also for their durability, and the use of maintenance-free materials, combining polyrattan with steel frames that are immune to rust and extreme weather conditions.

Polyrattan: the winning choice for your patio set

When evaluating suitable materials for your garden furniture, the choice is always tricky. If wood is just an option and you do not want to commit to the ordinary maintenance of this material, here is the solution for you: polyrattan, a material offering many uses and with significant potential, gaining increasing popularity in gardens, patios and poolsides.

But what is precisely polyrattan? We refer to a unique material that takes its inspiration from the natural fibre of rattan - a material derived from certain palm trees species. While rattan is a natural wood that can be quickly processed and woven, polyrattan is an artificial fibre that looks very similar to rattan and is mainly used for woven furniture. It is stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. So, why is poly rattan the right choice for your garden furniture set? There are many advantages that you can benefit from, including the following:

  • it is a highly resistant fibre (to extreme temperatures, sun exposure, use)

  • it does not change over time

  • it is waterproof

  • it costs less than rattan

When made of poly rattan, your garden table and chairs sets do not deform and lose their original colour over time, a problem verified with various types of plastic that present an unpleasant yellowed and ruined effect on outdoor furniture. It is also resistant to water infiltration, making it an ideal material for an open, weathered area such as a garden. Another context in which polyrattan is suitable for use is in swimming pools or bathing establishments as it is more resistant to chlorine and saltiness.

If you don't have time to devote to regular maintenance - the kind required by wooden garden furniture - poly rattan becomes a smart choice. Some types of wood require minimal maintenance, but, the effort is reduced to zero in this case. Woven synthetic rattan furniture is easy to clean; remove dirt easily with a damp cloth, soft brush, or garden hose. In case of stubborn dirt, use a plastic cleaner, and avoid using a high-pressure cleaner or brushes with hard bristles, which will damage the plastic fibres.

Garden furniture sets with blumfeldt personality

An example of the use of polyrattan in garden furniture are the typical woven tables, accompanied by seats - chairs or armchairs - recalling the same style. A polyrattan table can be enriched with a glass top, usually tempered and therefore shock-resistant and not very dangerous in the event of breaking. On the other hand, the seats are characterised by the vintage look of woven wood and guarantee excellent resistance. Furthermore, you can customise your rattan garden furniture with dedicated cushions and backrests, adapting it to your tastes and needs.

Our comfortable garden sofas and garden furniture sets can be perfectly complemented with a dining table.or a picnic table with benches: in combination with a beer tent set, you’ll organize unforgettable barbecues making sure that your guests feel comfortable and fully enjoy your hospitality! Aluminium is another good alternative for your garden furniture set, as this material is also weatherproof and easy to take care of. A bistro set made of die-cast aluminium is particularly decorative, and its design displays a nostalgic touch. An aluminium garden table and chairs set is very suitable for smaller patios or balconies. Explore our various offers now and find the garden furniture set that best fits in your garden!

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