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Functional, comfortable, elegant toilet seat covers for sale on blumfeldt

Toilet seats are one of those objects that you hardly notice until you need one, and yet we use them every day: in short, a banal object, still an essential one. Often we don't stop to test its quality, we don't inform ourselves, and we end up buying whatever comes along. Yet, this piece is crucial for your bathroom not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety: toilet seat covers with the wrong size tend to sink when a person sits on it, and may even hurt. Moreover, toilet seats are often the unwitting protagonist in a bitter war between sexes: for anatomical reasons, women prefer to use it down, while men want it up; for this reason, they can therefore be subject to constant wear and tear, due to the movements needed to get it into the right position each time. Only if equipped with soft-closing system will your toilet seat withstand the constant shocks over time.

At blumfeldt, we are aware of the main features a good toilet seat should offer, and in our product gallery you will find a variety of good-quality universal toilet seats suitable for any toilet bowl. Our toilet seats ensure maximum comfort, durability and elegance, and what’s more important, they are a great value for your money. Are you looking for a practical solution to replace your toilet seat and don't have time to find the original replacement for your toilet bowl’s supplier? Then our stylish, functional toilet seat covers can easily solve your problem. Read on to find out more about their features, and find the model that best suits your needs.

What to look for in a toilet seat?

Good toilet seats must offer comfort and resistance. Many people with different weights sit on the toilet every day. Imagine that a toilet seat has to bear the weight of 100 or more kilos, how will it behave? Will it support it? Will it break?

Toilet lid hinges are the most fragile part, but they can still be replaced, even if it's a considerable expense and waste of time and not everyone knows how to do this. Some toilet seats are wider, offering a more comfortable seat. It’s important to choose the right ones for your toilet’s size, and special attention should be paid to the steel hinges ensuring that the toilet seat can be raised. With time, they can loosen up, deteriorate and do not function smoothly.

Sanitary fixtures manufacturers generally offer toilet seats that are compatible with their specific line of toilet bowls. But what should you do in case they are not available? To avoid wasting your time finding the right one, you can opt for one of our universal toilet seats, which are perfectly fine and even reasonably priced compared to the original toilet seats.

Bye bye noise, with our soft-close toilet seats

The loud slamming of the toilet seat makes you annoyed or upset? If you hate to get awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of dropping the toilet seat, our toilet covers with soft close mechanism are the best solution to avoid this inconvenience. Unlike traditional toilet seats, soft-close toilet seats make no noise at all, ensuring silence and privacy in your bathroom. They’re also perfect for small children who may experience difficulties with closing seats without losing their grip.

Our soft-close toilet seats offer a special closing mechanism, designed to lower them softly and quietly at all times and prevent damages to your toilet bowl, which could get cracked by repeated strikes caused by falling lid. Our soft-close toilet seats are much more hygienic than traditional seats, as you need just one finger to close them, and you’ll avoid having to hold the seat or lid on your hand to prevent it from slamming.

Main advantages of our toilet seat covers

Besides making your bathroom aesthetically pleasing, as it’s the case with other common bathroom accessories elements such as bathroom radiators, sinks and wash basins, our toilet seat covers guarantee safety and comfort. If you need to renew your bathroom without investing too much, they are a great addition to complement the existing accessories.

Our toilet seats are available in universal shape, D-shape and Slim-shape, making it extremely easy to fit any toilet bowl. Thanks to their quick-release mechanism, they can be removed without tools, simply pushing a button and pulling them upwards from the bracket . In this way, you'll clean the toilet seat and the toilet much more comfortably, even on surfaces that are usually difficult to reach, thus ensuring greater hygiene. Repositioning is just as easy: once the seat is positioned at the hinges, you just have to press it gently to put the toilet seat back to its position.

Our white toilet seats are made of Duroplast, a material that ensures long-lasting pleasure and resists extreme breakage tests, scratches and abrasions. Duroplast is waterproof and non-flammable, and it makes the surface of the toilet seat extremely hard and smooth: the non-porous essence allows you to maintain maximum hygiene, and its quality remains unaltered even after years of frequent use.

Main advantages of our toilet seat covers
Easy assembly: with the enclosed instructions and stainless steel hinges, our toilet seats can be installed in 3 minutes,
Noiseless soft-close mechanism: the toilet lid closes silently without rattling or clattering.
Quick-release mechanism to easly remove the toilet seat for easy cleaning with no unnecessary unscrewing, as with conventional toilet seats.
Easy-to-clean surface made of Duroplast
Long durability thanks to high-quality materials and precise workmanship.
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