Animal Houses


Buy an animal house: bird house, bat box, hedgehog house and more

A species-rich garden is a beautiful and lively garden. Animal houses are ideal for attracting our feathered, buzzing, hopping or crawling fellow creatures. Here in the blumfeldt shop, you will find the right animal house for birds, insects, squirrels, hedgehogs and bats. Feeders are available for you to choose from, as well as sleeping places and nesting boxes. The animal houses from our range are made of untreated natural wood, tailored to the specific needs of each species and beautifully designed.

Aviary for cave breeders and semi-cave breeders

Our feathered friends delight with their singing and are also simply beautiful to look at. At blumfeldt, you will find nesting boxes for cave breeders such as tits, starlings and redstarts as well as for semi-cave breeders such as robins and wrens. In order to offer suitable breeding aids to as many species as possible, it is a good idea to buy nesting boxes for these two breeding types together.

You can tell them apart at first glance. Cave breeders want entry and exit holes to be as small as possible, while semi-cave breeders prefer a slightly more open entrance to their nesting cavity. Both variants are equipped with practical hanging aids. In addition, you have the choice between versions with pitched roof or flat roof.

During the cold season, bird feeders are perfect for gathering the birdies in your garden. We offer bird feeders for hanging in trees or on the wall of the house, as well as with a base for setting up on the ground.

Insect hotel for bees, butterflies, beetles and more

Insects play an important role in a natural garden. They serve as food for birds, pollinate flowering plants and are often beautiful to look at themselves. Just think of butterflies. Last but not least, some insects are masters of biological pest control.

Make your garden attractive for bees, butterflies, beetles and other useful insects with an insect hotel from our range. The insect hotels are suitable as breeding grounds, retreats and hibernation aids for different species. This is ensured by the subdivision into differently structured chambers. These are, so to speak, the suites of the insect hotel.

Hedgehog house as an all-round offer for prickly fellows

With hedgehog houses from our shop, you can buy all-round offers for our prickly friends. They can be used by hedgehogs all year round as a shelter, feeding place and sleeping place. Equipped with leaves, straw or wood shavings, hedgehog houses are also suitable as protected places for nest building. The two-chamber construction ensures that the hedgehogs are well protected in their house from cats, foxes and other potential enemies.

Squirrel feeding house

Squirrels are considered to be particularly smart when it comes to stocking up on winter supplies. However, the red or black tree dwellers actually often forget where they have buried their meals. A feeder for squirrels can help. Even in lean summers, the nimble animals gladly accept the additional food supply. The equipment with a water stop and ventilation slots ensures that the food in the feeder stays fresh for a long time. Seating platforms make the food easily accessible for the squirrels.

Bat boxes

Our draft-protected bat boxes serve as a shelter, nesting aid and place to spend the winter. An access gap that is only 2 cm wide acts as a reliable protection against predators. Thanks to the landing aid, it is particularly easy for the bats to land and take off.

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