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Outdoor chair cushions: comfortable sitting in the green oasis

Garden furniture is part of all outdoor equipment and is put outside as soon as the spring sun starts shining. Garden chair cushions are essential to give them a stylish finish and at the same time provide comfortable seating. Due to their long-term use outdoors, garden seat pads have to face quite many challenges. Blumfeldt provides you with everything you need to equip your garden chairs and swing chairs with cushions and pads that guarantee maximum seating comfort and also a touch of style to your patio or terrace.

The following overview reveals what makes for high-quality upholstery and how you can provide your garden furniture with outdoor seat pads that will give you long-term enjoyment. Browse our product gallery and buy the perfect patio chair cushions at an affordable price, with no shipping costs.

Patio chair cushions in any format

If you want to equip your garden chairs with comfortable seat cushions, be sure to consider the height of the backrest. For taller people and back-friendly sitting, modern garden chairs are often equipped with a high back. If this is the case with your model, you will appropriately use high-back cushions. Garden chairs with the backrest ending at the level of the middle of the back can include garden chair pads in the form of low-back cushions. The kink built into the cushion gives you an indication of whether the size of the pad will fit your garden chairs. Rocking chair cushions are the perfect addition for your swinging pleasure, enhancing the feeling of comfort.

Find chair pads with the appropriate upholstery thickness

If you prefer a softer seating experience, we recommend chair cushions with thick padding. If you prefer to sit on a harder surface, a low-height pad is the best option. The material of the furniture can also be a clue for the right upholstery thickness. For harder seating furniture made of wood, metal and plastic, thick seat pads with a thickness of 4 to 8 cm are suitable. For textile or polyrattan seats, you can choose a thinner seat pad, about 2 to 4 cm thick. Some high-back cushions have an additional support pillow for the head. With this, you can pleasantly tilt backwards on your reclining garden chair and let yourself be tanned by the sun while lying comfortably.

Robust cushions for garden chairs and benches

Whether bench pads or seat cushions for your garden chairs: All pads are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. There is not always an opportunity to move chairs and benches inside quickly when a storm threatens. Therefore, the garden furniture pads should be able to withstand a rain shower excellently. You can easily achieve this with a model made of polyester. The synthetic fibre is highly resilient, elastic and dries quickly. Due to the high weather resistance, a polyester seat cushion is very durable, so that you will enjoy it for a long time. Since subsequent purchases are not immediately necessary, this saves a lot of money. In addition, you can clear polyester pads wiping them with a damp cloth - ideal if the soil from the vegetable patch sticks to your trouser leg during the evening barbecue session. A bench pad made of polyester is also light-resistant. This means that the attractive colours do not fade but rather are perfectly preserved. Polyester pads hardly crease and remain very attractive for a long time.

Buy garden chair pads and choose from a variety of designs

In our online shop, you can buy seat cushions that embody your very personal outdoor style. Whether plain-coloured in natural colours or a striking check pattern with bright, spring-fresh colours: Discover our extensive range now and choose your garden chair cushions - bring on the garden season!

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