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Garden chairs

Enjoy absolute comfort, with our garden chairs

During the warm season, your garden becomes a valuable space to spend a relaxing time outside. Gardens and terraces provide opportunities for your family and friends to get comfortable, enjoying the fresh air, and recharging their batteries. Not only the characteristics of your outdoor space but also the furniture you choose is important to ensure maximum comfort and practicality. And what could be more essential than comfortable garden chairs, for you and your guests to sit on?

On blumfeldt you can find a broad range of garden chairs, meeting any taste and need, in different styles. From reclining garden chairs to sun loungers, folding garden chairs, air sofas, armchairs and cushioned garden chairs, we got you covered for everything you need to sit comfortably and in full style in your patio, garden, balcony or terrace. Browse our product gallery and find the perfect match for your outdoor table and other garden ornaments.

How to choose the best garden chair?

Choosing chairs for a garden may seem a simple operation. Still, you should consider various factors, from aesthetic to the purely practical considerations: how much space do you have available? How many chairs can you use? And above all: what style do you want to give to your garden?

If you have an entirely rustic house, you are unlikely to want a modern garden and vice versa. Of course, no one stops you from creating contrasts, but make sure you do so in an original way and without drastic differences. If your home has casual and practical furnishings, you can easily choose plastic garden tables and chairs: there are the classic white models but also brightly coloured ones.

A fun solution, especially if you have children who play outside, could be to purchase chairs of different colours around a white (or coloured) table. You could also opt for metal chairs, but in this case, provide cushions to soften the seat. Finally, if your space is limited and you want to put them away after use without stacking them, some comfortable folding chairs could be the best choice.

For a house with a rustic or modern feel, you should choose garden chairs more carefully. Wooden chairs are the most versatile: obviously, we are not talking about the simple folding chairs mentioned earlier, but more elaborate cushioned garden chairs. You can even opt for the addition of a rocking chair to give that chic-retro touch that makes all the difference, or for some deckchairs to use on hot days; the latter is almost a must if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool.

A rattan and poly rattan chair is another good idea, and with their simple and elegant line, they fit adapt a little bit to everything. Some models have harmonious lines and integrated cushions that increase the softness of the seat. In this material, or even in bamboo, there are also real suspended armchairs with an egg-shaped look which are certainly the last frontier of elegance in the garden. For a home with antique furnishings, finally, wrought iron chairs with weaves and decorations that are more or less accentuated are recommended, and perhaps the addition of some sober cushions to soften the seat.

In the garden the keyword should be "relaxation"; for this reason, it is necessary to carefully evaluate not only the style but also and above all the comfort of the chairs that you will choose. Also, the material should be resistant to the weather; otherwise, you will have to put them indoors in winter or rainy days. Nowadays, usually, the materials used also foresee the possibility of bad weather (as in the case of synthetic rattan).

In any case, always take care of your garden furniture when you are not using it for a long time and still leave a space in the house or basement to preserve it from the weather if necessary.

What kind of garden chairs best fits your garden?

All garden furniture for outdoor use boasts materials and special properties that make it suitable for outdoor storage. This is important as the furniture will be exposed to varying weather conditions such as moisture, cold temperatures, and UV rays, all of which it must be able to withstand. Good garden chairs will meet those demands. Thanks to a variety of shapes, variants and materials, our products can satisfy any taste; our product gallery includes chairs in a minimalist style, intricately manufactured rustic designs, and products providing superior comfort and wellbeing. A variety of versions is available:

  • Folding and stacking chairs for your garden: if your garden isn’t very spacious, you should get stacking chairs so can keep a sufficient number of seats at hand for any situation. You can bring out the chairs while you're entertaining and stow them away quickly and easily after. Folding chairs are also convenient as they don’t take up much space when you put them away.
  • Deckchairs: deckchairs are ideal for comfortable reading sessions and many more activities around the garden. With their reclined seating position, they aren’t suitable as dining chairs.
  • Garden armchairs: how about a comfy armchair? With these chairs, it’s easy to create an outdoor oasis of wellbeing.
  • Dining sets: a full dining set brings garden chairs and a matching table to form an ensemble.

Durable materials for your garden chair

As the chairs are made from different materials, you should keep in mind when making your selection that they should go with the look of your garden and fit the purpose and requirements you have for them. The main choices are:

  • Wickerwork such as rattan or poly rattan: the material is highly suitable for relaxed, lounge-style seating and can be cleaned easily.
  • Wooden garden chairs: ideal if you like a natural, warm aesthetic, will add a cosy appeal to your garden, require a new coat of paint from time to time for a well-kept and shiny look, hardwood such as oak, larch, eucalyptus, acacia, or teak is more weatherproof than a softwood like spruce and pine, wood looks good in any garden.
  • Solid garden chairs made from aluminium: they offer excellent weather resistance, are easy to care for and lightweight for easy transportation.
  • A weatherproof and stylish garden chair made from metal as a classic piece of furniture: a sturdy, rugged, and durable chair that can stay outside all year round.

There are also metal chairs with wooden detailing, such as seats or armrests made from wood. The natural look of the wood provides an interesting contrast with the sleek metal parts.

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