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Outdoor patios and gazebos: smart solutions for your garden and terrace

To fully enjoy your garden or terrace, it is essential to have protection from your neighbours’ prying eyes as well as from wind and weather. When you purchase a terrace covering or a garden privacy screen, you get the ideal garden accessories to make you feel even more comfortable in your outdoor area. Our assortment from blumfeldt offers many solutions from a stylish garden pergola to a spacious waterproof gazebo and party tent, which can be used as a privacy screen or as a canopy to enhance your outdoor area.

Weather protection and privacy shielding, with our pergolas and gazebos

Our solutions for covering your terrace or garden are versatile and easy to adapt to the style and size of your house. With robust awnings and canopies, you can protect your entrance area as well as your balcony or terrace – for example, as protection from rain over your front door. In many models, a combination of awnings and privacy screens makes it possible to keep rain, wind and prying eyes away from your property from above and from the side.

A wooden privacy screen, for example, with its durable and weatherproof materials, can help you complement the style of your garden naturally and aesthetically. With aluminium as a durable light metal or with high-quality fabric covers, you can combine blumfeldt's high-quality items to create functional and unique coverings. In addition to classic square or rectangular shapes, you can find aesthetically pleasing choices such as archways that you can use for the tendrils of roses or other plants and provide a protective function.

Overview of the different varieties of outdoor patios and gazebos

Which covering you purchase and wish to integrate into your garden depends on the use of your chosen protection. Our most popular variants and products include:

  • Pergolas: This compact shelter can be set up independently in your garden and offers reliable protection against sunlight and rain. The dimensions of a pergola are quite compact and allow you to set up an attractive seating area in your garden landscape.
  • Party Tents: If you regularly celebrate in your garden with friends or family, our tents are the ideal protective items. With their large dimensions, they offer space for many people and provide ideal shelter from the rain when partying, eating and socialising.
  • Pavilions: With a pavilion you can choose a compact privacy shield and sun protection in attractive designs, such as a pergola. There is space for one or more people in your garden under a pavilion, and with different covering materials, you can adjust the amount of light and weather protection.
  • Canopies and Awnings: This privacy screen for the patio or balcony is specially designed to be attached to your home. You can purchase special covering to expand your living area – for example, in the summer you would be able to step outside directly from the kitchen or dining room.

Gazebos and pergolas: a quick buying guide

When choosing a gazebo or a pergola for your garden, it is necessary to consider some factors such as the construction material(wood, iron, etc.), the available space that the structure will occupy, the installation position (poolside, attached to the house, etc.).

The material of a gazebo or pergola can also influence the removability of the structure; for example, a seasonal metal gazebo (generally with a metal structure and various types of canvas) is more suited to being set up quickly when needed, for seasonal use or particular occasions, and dismantled when not needed, typically during cold periods of the year, while fixed gazebos, generally made of masonry or wood, can be used throughout the year.

Among furnishing fixed structures for outdoor spaces, there are also pergolas which can be leaned against the house, connecting to the façade with the function of a patio porch, or self-supporting, i.e. not tied to the house but installed anywhere in the garden.

Main differences between pergolas and gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos do not have the same function. Gazebos are mainly used as an additional outdoor shelter - suitable for receptions, luncheons, weddings, etc. - while pergolas have an ornamental use and should not be confused with a carport. Let's try to clarify these aspects a bit more.

Pergolas are typically a fixed, highly decorative outdoor construction, intended for the garden and generally rectangular. They can be made of different materials and consist of an open lattice structure resting on poles. A charming, wooden pergola is probably the most common option, but metal pergolas are also quite popular, due to their durability and ease of assembly. When it’s leaning against a wall, a covered pergola with a roof is called a canopy and is perfect for protecting a terrace and creating a ventilated but covered space. In a garden, the pergola is primarily ornamental, as it can partially cover an avenue with its open structure, materially defining a dedicated space or delimiting a recreational area. Its structure can be lightweight or robust.

When made of wrought iron or vine-covered, it gives a touch of elegance to your outdoor space; when it’s made of wood and covered with reed, pergolas can form a small corner with a Provencal look while also providing shade! Some pergolas are equipped with a floor, side shutters or blinds. In this case, they have nothing to do with traditional pergolas but instead, resemble a little garden shed.

On the other hand, a garden gazebo is a structure with different shapes and sizes, the most sophisticated being often used as party tents. Generally mobile, a gazebo is placed in a garden or on a terrace, fixed by pegs or screws depending on the support. Gazebos are easy to assemble and dismantle and can be used for special events (weddings, christenings, barbecues) or during the summer. Their structure is generally made of steel, while the roof and the curtains on the walls are made of fabric.

The lifespan strictly depends on the quality of the materials. Ideal for holding a set of garden furniture, protecting against the weather or the cool of the evening after a barbecue with friends, gazebos with sides including fabric covers and curtains - in polyethene or durable UV-treated polyester - add a modern touch to your garden! Much more effective than a simple parasol, open gazebos can act as a support for pretty climbing plants such as jasmine and the ever-popular wisteria.

Buy our awning and garden privacy screens, conveniently and cheap online

If you are looking for a new and long-lasting terrace covering or want to enjoy more privacy with a privacy screen, blumfeldt's product gallery offers you countless options. You can find detailed information on each patio or garden privacy screen in the corresponding articles, and we are happy to assist our customers as well. With unmissable perks such as our free shipping and the right of return of 60 days, we offer you additional advantages when buying privacy screens and designing your entire garden landscape. blumfeldt combines quality for your outdoor area with attractive prices, which are also available for our garden furniture, patio heaters and garden ornaments.

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