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Arc lamps

The arc lamp has been around since the 1960s. It has lost none of its popularity to this day. On the contrary: it particularly enhances interior design. Over the course of time, the arc lamp has been further developed and is still a beautiful and practical accessory. Thanks to the different variants, everyone can find the right model that suits their own taste and furnishing style.

Arc lamps available in different colours

The lampshade leans with a sweeping curve. The result is the so-called arc lamp, which has a retro look or can also appear modern. It gives lightness to every room. At the same time, it is a useful source of light. The graceful-looking arc lamp with a shade is available in different colours. How about, for example, an arc lamp in black that can easily blend into its surroundings, or an arc lamp in silver that is ideal for modern, but also many other furnishings? An arc lamp in gold creates a stylish ambience and looks very elegant. In all colours, they are a real visual highlight.

Arc lamps with a large projection allow a wide range of uses

The elegant floor lamp gives a room a lot of structure. Thanks to its wide span and curved shape, it radiates downwards and to the sides, making it very suitable for illuminating certain areas, such as the dining table, sitting area or desk. It is also possible for use as a reading lamp, and can be tailored as you wish. The flexibly swiveling shade ensures optimal lighting conditions. With the very delicate arm, which is hardly noticeable, you could think that the lampshade is floating in the air. The plate base ensures stability and sturdiness and balances the large span. Well-placed arc lamps round off the design in the room.

Choose the right light colour for the lamp depending on the area of ​​application and mood

Arc lamps can be combined very well with wall or ceiling lights. The right light source can be selected as required. Depending on the area of ​​application and mood, warm, cool, bright or less bright may be suitable. An arc lamp that can be dimmed is also very practical. This ensures both sufficient brightness and comfort. In this way, the room can be bathed in a very pleasant and comfortable light in the evening. Those who use energy-efficient light sources such as LEDs also save electricity costs and protect the environment.

Summary: buying an arc lamp

The decorative and functional arc lamp conveys elegance and style with its special appearance and brings a modern, yet at the same time cosy, flair into the room. The special shape is a visual highlight in every room. The lamp can be used in a variety of ways, for example to illuminate the dining table or to provide enough light for reading and working. If the arc lamp is dimmable, this offers the possibility of varying the strength of the light from bright to softly shining as desired. The arc lamps are available in different colours, so that there is the right variant for every furnishing style and taste. Models that use LEDs have a low power consumption. They are also very durable and environmentally friendly.

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