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Garden swing chairs: A subtle swing into your personal comfort paradise

Garden swing chairs are a perfect example of pleasant outdoor relaxation. A break from the stressful everyday life, gentle rocking movements that make your soul smile, and a warm breeze on your face. The mere idea makes you feel happy. However, it is actually strange that this piece of garden furniture had largely disappeared into oblivion for such a long time. But now it's back, almost completely renewed, and reclaiming its place in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. The modern, aesthetic design makes the memory of the brightly colored, simple initial models fade. Ergonomically designed reclining surfaces, adjustable backrests, and footrests or individually suspended seats offer convincing comfort and functionality. Every blumfeldt garden swing chair is a small comfort paradise, an oasis of relaxation where you can recharge your batteries.

Frame materials: "Durable" steel or wooden swing chair

If you are considering buying a swing chair, it is recommended that you first select your favorite frame material. blumfeldt offers swing chairs made of powder-coated tubular steel or weatherproof larch wood. Tubular steel allows impressive, but also delicate curves successfully resists all weather conditions and requires only a minimum of care to last literally "forever." A wooden swing chair looks more "natural" and authentic. blumfeldt uses durable, solid larch wood, which is coated with a protective glaze. Real wood works, but over time it changes color or may get small cracks. These changes do not compromise function or stability, but rather highlight the unique character of a garden swing. The protective coating should be renewed at regular intervals.

Swing chairs made of heavy weights and light fabric

Depending on the model, the dimensions of the garden swing chair may vary slightly. The ideal location is at ground level with enough space for the swing movement and where the swing does not disturb, for example, when mowing the lawn. Garden swing chairs from blumfeldt weigh at least 45 kilograms and are capable of resisting gusts of wind. The maximum load capacity should not be exceeded to prevent long-term damage. Models with a continuous and/or extra-wide lying surface are covered with a tear-resistant and skin-friendly polyester fabric, which has the fantastic property of not heating up quickly even at high temperatures. Polyrattan, which is used, for example, in models with two individually suspended seats, combines a pleasing appearance with weather-resistant functionality.

Garden swing with roof and cushions: Well protected and softly covered

It is not only essential for a garden swing chair with lying function if you want to read or "doze" in a relaxed way; a real chair must have a roof. Water-repellent polyester proves its full potential here: The material provides pleasant shade, filters harmful UV rays, and is colorfast thanks to a special coating. The cushions of every garden swing chair provide an attractive comfort factor. The upholstery is made to fit exactly and provided with the right degree of hardness for each model. Minor dirt can be easily removed.

Buy garden swing chairs at blumfeldt

Would you like to buy a garden swing chair that offers even more comfort and real luxury? No problem. Boudoir-style models combine the cheerful serenity of outdoor relaxation with the intimacy of complete privacy. Weatherproof loop curtains can be closed on the front and back of the swing chair as needed and prevent curious eyes from prying. Any blumfeldt luxury garden swing chair adds a touch of glamorous flair or proves to be the perfect place for a peaceful nap. More than a hundred years after its invention, garden swing chairs are once again spreading the cheerful, idyllic charm of optimism. You should try them.

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