Buy inexpensive awnings and garden privacy screens online

A shield from the street or neighboring properties helps you to relax in your own garden or on the terrace without being disturbed. With a functional garden privacy screen, such as a lateral awning or a privacy fence, you can prevent curious neighbors or passers-by from looking in. In this category from blumfeldt, you'll find the right outdoor equipment to make your garden even more enjoyable.

Sun and privacy protection for the garden and terrace

A classic awning is attached to the front of the house and serves as an extendable overhead sunscreen. In addition to this version, a side awning with the same design helps you to mark the border of your terrace or garden and to benefit from the enhanced protection of your privacy. Our products utilize a hard-wearing and non-see-through awning fabric that will give you continued enjoyment for many years. The influence of wind and weather has no impact upon the material, meaning that it will permanently fulfill its function and contribute toward the visual enhancement of your outdoor area.

In addition to the side roller blind model, you'll also find privacy fences in our range which have a natural look. With their artificial foliage-like appearance, these privacy products fit perfectly into gardens with a very high degree of nature and, despite their informal and playful design, fulfill the required protective role. The installation and unwinding of the roller blinds or privacy fences can be quickly mastered with a little manual dexterity and provides the desired protective effect on an continual basis.

Buy durable accessories matching your awning

In order to securely install and permanently fix a privacy fence from our range of products in place, we have ground adapters and drive-in sleeves available as suitable accessories. The sleeves are the right choice for your garden area and can be driven into the earth like ground spikes. The drive-in sleeves then allow the privacy fences to be securely fixed into position, with the structure itself being designed to cope with stronger winds.

Our ground adapters represent the perfect alternative for securely fixing products into position on your terrace or on another solid surface. These have insertion grooves in which to anchor the feet of the side awning you have bought. If correctly installed and screwed into place, the ground sleeves are guaranteed to give you a similarly firm mounted position.

If you would like to upgrade the protective effect of your privacy fences at the time of the initial installation or after a few years, you'll find the right accessories at blumfeldt. For instance, you can buy rolls of PVC film for your privacy fence in order to improve the protective effect in individual strips. The rolls come in different colors, which you can match in respect of their brightness and appearance to the further configuration of your garden or terrace.

Buy the right awning easily and affordably at blumfeldt

Are you looking to enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor area with contemporary canopies or a privacy screen for the garden? At blumfeldt, you'll find many suitable design ideas: from awnings and pavilions to elegant pergolas. Together with our garden furniture and creative items with which to decorate your garden, we can help you to breathe new life into any outdoor area.

You can find detailed information regarding dimensions, awning fabric and more under the respective item. If you need help with buying privacy fences, we'll be happy to advise you. With our attractive order prices and free shipping, we're giving you even more reasons to rearrange your garden with quality products from blumfeldt at an affordable price.

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