Pergola - a decorative roof for your outdoor area

The pergola is one of the traditional and aesthetic roofs for patios or gardens. Historically designed as a colonnade extending many meters, you can create a sophisticated and inviting flair with a wooden or metal pergola, even in small gardens. In this category from blumfeldt you will discover this special form of roofing and privacy protection at an attractive price, whereby we also have eye-catching variations such as the wooden rose arch ready for you.

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The basic structure is common to every pergola: a roof is supported on several pairs of columns, which depending on the material and implementation serve as privacy, sun or weather protection. Depending on the size, the pergola for your terrace or garden can be used as a roof for a seating group. In an elongated form, the shelter is often used for a dry path between the house and the garage.

The wooden pergola is one of the most popular implementations, which picks up on and continues the style of a natural garden. Glass or transparent plastic is popular for the roofing. With this you can enjoy functional rain protection for your seating group without losing the brightness of sunlight. Closed roof shapes are also available if you want deliberate shading.

The pillars and columns of a pergola are also ideal for enriching your garden planting. Especially with a wooden pergola, the individual pillars are the ideal climbing support for roses or ivy. When you buy a pergola, you are also contributing to the natural growth in your garden to make plants of all kinds into an additional ornament.

Attractive pergola varieties for a special garden aesthetic

Pergolas made from high-quality and durable wood are among blumfeldt's leading projects in the area of privacy protection and roofing. We deliver these, as with a pergola made of metal, in several individual parts, which you can easily assemble yourself with a little manual skill. If you are more interested in the decorative aspect of your garden when buying a pergola, a wooden rose arch is the ideal option. You set this up as an ornate passage on your garden path to see wild roses growing on it.

With popular standard formats such as 3 x 3 or 3 x 6 meters, our pergolas find their place in every garden or on every terrace. If you want curved shapes and exciting designs for your pergola on the terrace, take a look at the pavilions in blumfeldt's assortment. These bring additional design ideas to your outdoor area, covering many creative facets like a pergola, from modern to nostalgic.

Discover modern garden ideas in addition to the pergola

In addition to the purchase of durable pergolas for roofing or privacy screens, you will find everything at blumfeldt that will enhance your garden landscape for the long term. Use our garden furniture to create an inviting atmosphere under your new roof and socialize with friends or family. In addition to pavilions, awnings and other practical items for garden and terrace design, our garden decor will help you with aesthetic improvements. Access us conveniently via the Internet and implement your unique garden concept without shipping charges and with a return guarantee of 60 days.

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