Bamboo tubes

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Product number: 10038136
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Top features

  • 70 bamboo tubes: each 10 cm long

  • Versatile use: ideal for brood care for mason bees, silk bees and leaf cutter bees

  • Ecological bee shelter: suitable as a filling material for wild bee hotels

Product description

There are many ready-made insect hotels. But why not just build your bee shelter yourself? The DIY project can start with the ecological nesting tubes made of bamboo from blumfeldt! The 10 cm long, smoothly ground brood pods are tailored to the needs of solitary bees. Endangered wild bee species can find shelter inside the bamboo tubes all year round.

With our bamboo tubes you can design your insect roost according to your taste. The bamboo stalks are the perfect filling material - all you have to do is close the pods on one side or glue them to the back wall of the insect hotel. The ecological brood pods are a purely natural product, which is why their inner diameter - depending on the wall thickness - varies slightly.

The bamboo tubes are particularly popular with mason bees, but they also serve as shelter for silk bees and leaf cutter bees. They set up their brood chambers in the nesting sleeves, filled with food provisions and one egg each.

In order to welcome numerous guests to your bee hotel, you should consider a few more things. Because although the bamboo tubes from blumfeldt are moisture-resistant, you should always protect the insect hotel from direct moisture and wind. It is best to orient it towards the south to give the bees plenty of sun! Also, look for an insect-friendly environment with lots of plants and flowers.


  • 70 ready-made nesting tubes made of bamboo as filling material for wild bee hotels
  • Ideal for brood care of mason bees, silk bees, leaf cutter bees and other beneficial insects
  • No splintering, no fraying - no risk of injury
  • The bamboo tubes must be closed on one side
  • The hollow stems can be shortened further with garden shears (recommended minimum length: 6 cm)
Product number: 10038136

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • Length: each 10 cm
  • Inner diameter: 6-12 mm

What will be delivered?

  • 70 x bamboo tubes

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