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Blumfeldt Urlaub auf Balkonien
Blumfeldt Urlaub auf Balkonien

Balcony holidays!

Ideas for summer holidays at home

What appears to be boring at first glance can quickly become a real insider tip and brings with it a surprising number of advantages: you don't have to plan anything, you have an even larger leisure budget, you don't have travel stress and you can relax from day one right away.
Our blumfeldt team will tell you how to conjure up your own personal summer staycation and thereby maximize your relaxation…

From decorating to planting:
Small balcony - great holiday potential

Sea of flowers instead of the Mediterranean Sea

The sweet smell of colourful blossoms in the sunlight, making your balcony a little more unique and at the same time isolating you from hectic city life: with hardly anything else you can create an atmosphere of summer harmony so easily. Coupled with specially grown herbs that encourage cooking or increase the joy of the evening cocktail, they form the perfect foundation for your balcony staycation.

With flower pots and planters

Garden fountain instead of Lake Garda

Want to cool down away from the beach and sea? No problem with our decorative fountain! With the fountain gently rippling in the background, you can create a small oasis of wellbeing in the urban jungle while toasting to a little free time, or at the same time finally reading that one book which you have wanted to read for so long. Either as a visual highlight on the balcony or hidden between the colourful flowers - a holiday-ready soundscape is guaranteed.

With delicate sources of decorative fountains

Balcony tan instead of Tenerife

Are you staying home this summer? No problem: with our sun loungers, swinging loungers or hanging chairs, you can enjoy sunbathing in the middle of your own spa without having to reserve a lounger or deal with annoying pool neighbors - maybe even in the buff? Simply chill the cocktails, turn up the holiday playlist, get your sunscreen ready and off you go.

With sun loungers and hanging chairs

How your balcony time becomes holiday time:

In the morning: breakfast on the balcony

Sleep in, wake up with the aromatic scent of coffee in the sun and croissants from your favourite baker next door ... and all without having to adhere to a hotel's fixed breakfast times:
welcome to a homemade staycation on the balcony!

In the morning: meditation for relaxation

Especially at the beginning of a holiday, it is often difficult for us to switch off. Instead, we can now consciously use the time in which we would normally be occupied with the typical travel stress for meditation. The advantage: our subconscious makes a neurological connection between the home balcony and relaxation, which will make it easier for us to rest in the midst of everyday hectic life whenever necessary.

Midday: sweet moments and flowery thoughts

Would you like a few strawberries and a glass of sparkling wine?
Why not? After all, you can treat yourself on holiday! With the peace of mind to write down a few thoughts or experiences, you can immerse yourself in your very own moments, free from the stress of leisure and time pressure typical of a holiday. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? The time right now belongs only to you.

In the afternoon: powernap meets sunbathing

Sizzling in the sun and working on your summer complexion while enjoying an ice-cold orange juice and turning on some relaxing sounds of your favourite music - almost like last year by the sea, right? And best of all: you can do whatever you want at home. Hotel etiquette? Who cares! So let your belly hang out, put sunscreen on and enjoy, because being at home is the best!

In the evening: in vino veritas

Mild summer nights can also be enjoyed here: with a string of lights on the balcony railing, tasty wine in a dim candlelit sea and melodic jazz music in the background, you can conjure up special moments which are completely flexible: friends, your sweetheart, or your favourite neighbors can come along for a game night or a cosy chat at any time. 1: 0 for the home balcony staycation!

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