Take a seat, put your feet up and feel good: discover exclusive armchairs and chairs at blumfeldt

If you want to start the day comfortably or relax with friends in the evening, you need a comfortable base: here, we present armchairs and chairs in a design-conscious and high-quality selection that leaves nothing to be desired. There is a choice of different materials, colours and designs so that a coherent concept with a feel-good atmosphere can emerge with a view to the existing furnishings.

Armchair with footstool: a perfect addition for even more comfort

Armchairs (with footstools) have celebrated a remarkable revival as classics in recent years. This comfortable piece of furniture is finding its place again in more and more living rooms as a supplement to a sofa. In combination with a footstool, a visually appealing oasis of retreat is created in the living room at home, inviting you to linger and relax. The models available here show that the furniture classic can be very modern and functional in any room. Numerous combination options can be used for a very individual furnishing concept.

Upholstered chair - a perfect symbiosis of design and high-quality materials

An upholstered chair in particular embodies noticeable comfort, as the soft material hugs your back comfortably. You can sit comfortably on an upholstered bench to enjoy a relaxing break from everyday life. Those who prefer a more clear and functional style can opt for dining room chairs made of wood or metal. Upholstered elements provide a plus in comfort, whereby the robust materials themselves can be combined as classics with many other pieces of furniture.

Small, but with a big effect in the room: discover colourful ottomans

Ottomans are an ideal extension for an armchair. How about putting your feet up more often in the evening and having a good time? The ottomans that can be ordered are presented in modern colours that bring more liveliness to every room. The soft upholstery and the feel of the very pleasant fabrics (for example soft velvet) ensure an all-round successful flair. If desired, it can also be a little more extravagant with unusual colours or sophisticated elements such as a gold-coloured metal ring. Some models also exude a seductive vintage charm that creates a nostalgic flair in the living room.

Need some inspiration to buy matching chairs?

It is worth discovering the current collection. If you scroll down a little further, you can discover currently popular models from this category. Detailed product descriptions and clearly presented top features help you to quickly make a design and quality-conscious choice. Many of the available models are available in different colours. With images that update after the colour has been selected, it is possible to understand what effect a different colour has. With the help of the search criteria on the left, you can quickly narrow down the selection with a view to your own wishes. Whether price, material, colour or product type: after you give just a few details, suggestions appear that correspond 100% to your own wishes. Shopping is conveniently done with just a few clicks. The anticipation for the imminent delivery is already growing. Then, all you have to do is take a seat and / or put your feet up to relax and leave the stresses of everyday life behind you for a while.

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