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With Design Trends for your Outdoor Living Room

Spring is just around the corner and with it the choice of furnishings for our outdoor areas. From balcony to garden – with blumfeldt, every outdoor space can be arranged to create a harmonious picture with little effort involved. Cosiness and comfort are cleverly combined with functionality and design.

Cool Modernity from Fire Bowls to Fireballs

Clean lines, light tones, no frills: this modern concrete style will emphasize your straightforwardness and steadfastness, while the cement and stone accents provide inner peace when combined with metallic highlights and a simple design. The idea that less is more very much applies here. Above all, the weather resistance of the materials is not only a great advantage, but also suggests your strength and willpower to guests.

Flame art on artificial stone: our blumfeldt Troja Fire Bowl lives up to its promises! With an integrated grill grate for tasty evening BBQs as well as heat protection and a spark arrester, it’s the perfect focal point for terrace and garden.

  • Fireplace measuring 75cm in diameter
  • Heat and fire-resistant thanks to a magnesium oxide mixture
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Blumfeldt Troja Fire Bowl 75cm Ø Hearth Grill Grate Steel MgO-Artificial Stone

Shiny, luminiferous and made of steel: the blumfeldt Supernova Fireball impresses with its clean appearance in brushed stainless steel and boasts a burning time of 4 hours thanks to residue-free bio-ethanol. And it’s completely flexible, whether it’s next to the garden pond or on the terrace table, floor or lawn.

  • Includes an extinguisher for quick and safe flame extinguishing
  • Bio-ethanol for the protection of the environment
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Supernova Bio-Ethanol Stainless Steel Fireball Ø25cm Table Decorative Fireplace silver

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Meditative Asian Style with Harmony and Hammock

The Asian furnishing style stands for nature and harmony. The range of decorative elements has continued to increase: a friendly modesty through simple designs is just as popular as playful details which add a personal touch. Above all, the Buddha statue seems to have become an ongoing trend over the years, both indoors and outdoors. A positive side effect of this style is its ability to be combined: a hint of Asia is always a special eye-catcher in any outdoor area.

A contemplative focal point for Far Eastern serenity: our blumfeldt Siddhartha Sculpture made of weatherproof and handmade fibreglass cement is both trendy and individualistic. It is intended to convey peace and stimulate meditation.

  • Stable thanks to its wide base
  • Conforms to accident prevention regulations, weather and frost-resistant
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Siddhartha Sculpture 60cm Fiberglass Cement Natural Stone Look

Thanks to the blumfeldt Bali TAS Swing Hammock, every meditation session can be ended in a more relaxed manner than ever before: held up by the robust larch wood frame, the cotton mat adapts to your body and can be swung gently when needed.

  • Constructed with style and comfort in mind, the hammock guarantees comfort when lying down
  • Washable hammock for outdoor use
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Blumfeldt Bali TAS Swing Hammock Larch 160 kg max. Cream Tassels

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Pleasantly Rustic from Garden Fountains to Plant Pots

The rustic style of furnishing is particularly impressive due to the use of old, solid wood. This suggests at best that it has already had a whole life behind it and hides an almost mystical history inside. This design goes hand in hand with a rustic cosiness, a down-to-earth quality, and sense of closeness.

It awakens the fantasy of the Frog Prince and enchanted fairy tale wells, but also memories of past times when fresh drinking water was once drawn up from the home’s own garden well: our solid blumfeldt Loreley Decorative Garden Well is a real collector’s item when it comes to antique ornaments for the home and garden.

  • Fire and weatherproof thanks to its flame-treated fir wood
  • Includes bucket on rotating crankshaft suitable for flower planting or decoration
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Blumfeldt Loreley Garden Fountain Garden Decoration 135cm Fir Wood Flamed

The blumfeldt Trifloris Set, consisting of three solid fir wood tubs with cast-iron handles, provides a rather rustic flair. Whether for colourful flowers, herbs or green plants: they embellish any outdoor space and bring it to life with romantic village charm.

  • Weatherproof and waterproof/rot-proof thanks to the pond liner inside
  • Stable and portable thanks to additional iron elements
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Blumfeldt Trifloris Wooden Bucket Set 3 Wooden Tubs Made of Fir Wood Brown

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Playful Romance from Fountains to Garden Swings

The romantic style of furnishing is especially popular for gardens of any size. Ornate metal elements, floral patterns, delicately rippling water elements and fabrics that flap gently in the wind are prominent features. All of this makes a dreamy, carefree impression and creates a connection to the blossoming nature which invites you to fall in love.

The blumfeldt Vogelsbrunn Bird Fountain brings the baroque romanticism of old Versailles into your home. The water fountain’s two basins serve as a place to drink or bathe for songbirds. 250L of water can be continuously pumped from the flower bud up to a height of one metre. Thus it forms a lively and impressive centre point of the garden, terrace or courtyard.

  • No power connection required and can be used permanently thanks to a 3W solar panel
  • An integrated ground spike ensures firm ground anchoring
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Bird Bath Garden Fountain Solar Powered Concrete Stone Look60x90cm 3W

Protects you from sun, wind and prying eyes, and is large and cosy: with our blumfeldt Eremitage Hollywood Swing, you can conjure up an atmospheric love nest in the middle of your garden which invites you to cuddle up.

  • 5cm thick upholstery plus three large cushions
  • Flexible curtains
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Hermitage Luxury Hollywood Swing Swinging Lounger | Load weight: 250 kg max. | 236x180x210cm | Sun canopy | Curtains | Robust Steel Construction | 5 cm thick Upholstery | 3 Cushions

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Elegant Minimalism of Decorative Fountains and Garden Lounger

The art of simplicity: in the minimalist style, the main thing is to concentrate on what is essential. Clear forms as well as black, white and grey dominate the scene here as a counter-movement to postmodernism, but without appearing dull. Each piece of furniture captivates with its very own essence of functionality and design, without being dependent on decoration.

The blumfeldt Theia Garden Lounge Set, with its flexible arrangement, invites up to four people to enjoy a relaxing, cosy get-together in the garden or on the terrace. Depending on the space available, the coffee table can be turned into an additional stool or an extension of the seating surface – it couldn’t be more practical!

  • UV-resistant
  • Washable
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The idyllic combination of round and angular shapes, over which the water flows continuously and gently into the basin, creates the ideal complement to the quiet but nevertheless intended minimalism. The blumfeldt Schönbrunn Fountain is as beautiful as it is modest: powered by solar energy, it requires no power connection which makes it environmentally friendly.

  • Up to 8 hours of operation with battery power
  • 200 litres pumping capacity per hour
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Hermitage Luxury Hollywood Swing Swinging Lounger | Load weight: 250 kg max. | 236x180x210cm | Sun canopy | Curtains | Robust Steel Construction | 5 cm thick Upholstery | 3 Cushions

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