Enjoying the fantastic air with outdoor heaters

Enjoying the fantastic air with outdoor heaters

blumfeldt gets you snugly through the cold

Outside is the new inside – even when the temperatures are cooler. We want to make ourselves comfortable in the great outdoors, so we can get the maximum benefit of the fresh air as we wind down.

Infrared heaters for ultra-comfortable warmth

Those who like particularly gentle heat are happy about our blumfeldt infrared radiant heaters, like, for example, the blumfeldt Rising Sun radiant heater:
Thanks to integrated infrared technology, warmth is not only achieved especially quickly, but also only dispensed to people who are nearby. You not only save yourself from freezing, you also save energy.

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Rising Sun Infrared heaters 850/1650/2500 W Aluminum
A young woman in a grey sweater sits wrapped in a blanket on a balcony at a table in front of books and a coffee cup.
Young woman wrapped in jeans and yellow blanket is holding a red coffee cup and is sitting on a rattan chair in the garden.

More outdoor heaters

Radiant gas heaters for beautiful hours outside

Radiant gas heaters furnish a particularly natural warmth. Visually present, with a pleasantly flickering open flame, larger outdoor areas especially are bathed in a sea of light and warmth. You see them often in the comfortable outdoor areas of cafes in the city or large gardens. Our current favorite is the blumfeldt Heatwave 2VA Terrace radiant heater.

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The chrome-plated blumfeldt Heatwave 2VA patio radiant heater stands on a terrace next to a grey rattan seating area.
Close-up of a gas heater whose flame flickers in the dark while the background is blurred.

Advantages of infrared and gas radiant heaters

Detail of a close-up view of an infrared heater that glows red-orange behind its bars.

Infrared heaters

  • Emission-free
  • Direct radiant heating of people and objects instead of the ambient air
  • Immediate warmth at the push of a button
  • Energy and cost savings through rapid heating
  • No maintenance required
Detail of a close-up of the gas flames of a gas radiant heater in the dark and in the background further lights shine.

Radiant gas heaters

  • Natural warmth from a real flame
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Safe thanks to automatic switch-off
  • Powerful burner
  • Easy replacement of the gas canister
  • Adjustable gas supply
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Easy installation

Even more wonders of warming

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