LBlumfeldt Boxing Day UK Sales & Deals
LBlumfeldt Boxing Day UK Sales & Deals

Blumfeldt Boxing Day UK Sales & Deals

Every year on December 26 - one day after Christmas - the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth countries celebrate the holiday which is known worldwide as Boxing Day.

In the past, Boxing Day was mainly linked to charity activities, as members of the aristocracy devoted this festivity to make gifts and favour of the underprivileged class of society, who would carry boxes of food delivered by the rich and shared them with their families: even today, the family environment is still an essential factor in understanding this festivity.

However, this celebration has transcended over the years, and today, apart from enjoying the company of relatives and friends after the traditional Christmas food and drink feast, watching football and other sports, Boxing Day mainly stands for shopping and mad discounts.

Boxing Day sales are, somehow, the British answer to Black Friday, and this is also the date chosen by many shops to start their winter promotions, from Canada to Australia. In the past, this tradition coincided with the arrival of the New Year, but in the last years, many shops started anticipating their discounts and offers to the day of Saint Stephens, thus multiplying their sales. This has led many people to queue in front of shops and department stores to take advantage of amazing Boxing day deals for a wide range of products, from consumer electronics to clothing and home appliances.

Loop Brown Book What is the origin of Boxing Day

What is the origin of Boxing Day?

To find out the origin of Boxing Day, we must bear in mind that there are various versions as to when this tradition was born. One of them takes us back to the 16th century when the British Empire began to sail the waters and take control of international trade. The British fleet, both military and commercial, travelled the entire globe expanding the Anglo-Saxon culture and annexing territories to the Empire.

Legend has it that before the voyage began, a monk would board the ships and offer a box to the sailors as an offering, in the hope that they would return home safely. The package was then sealed and remained so throughout the voyage. If and when the ship returned, the box would be given to the priest so that the clergyman could open distribute it among the poor, one day after Christmas.

Another version takes us back to Victorian times. This interpretation points out that the origin of the story lies in the delivery of boxes containing gifts by the employers to their employees to compensate them for their work on Christmas Day. Another version suggests that the term Boxing Day derives from the tradition, followed by the British aristocracy, of handing over to the poor the leftovers from the lunch that was served on 25th December in their homes.

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Celebrate your Boxing Day and discover blumfeldt massive garden furniture sale

Decorating your outdoor space can be challenging, especially when you are waiting to find the right price for the items on your wishlist. That’s why blumfeldt Boxing Day deals are the perfect occasion to bag some fantastic post-Christmas bargains and find that missing piece of garden furniture, ornament or accessory you were planning to add to your outdoor setup. With simple, smart ideas, you can make your balcony or garden even cosier, so that it can welcome you to spend many relaxing hours with your beloved ones, all year round.

Where to start? Choosing the right garden furniture is the first step, of course; follow your inspiration, but also browse our categories to find the best elements and materials to match the ambience of your indoor spaces. You can also enrich your balcony using outdoor plants or create your relaxation corner with pillows, loungers or even a swing chair. And what about some exclusive ornaments to add that unique touch of style? Our garden statues, sculptures and clocks are a visual eye-catcher to give your patio precisely the personality you want.

If you are wondering how to refurbish your terrace at a low cost, don’t miss our Boxing Day sales, to give your garden a completely new look, and start enjoying it immediately, with no need to wait for the warmer months.

6 blumfeldt Boxing Day deals tips

1. Patio Heaters

Enjoy your garden all year round with an efficient outdoor heating system. Our fire pits are real eye-catchers, providing a decorative and highly functional solution to cook and keep you warm. And with our infrared radiant heaters, you will be backed by latest-generation technology to face even the coldest months enjoying a feeling of warmth, similar to sun's rays. Don’t be overwhelmed by the breeze of the cold winter days; enjoy every minute outdoors, in full style.

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2. Garden Lights

Looking for some outdoor relaxation when the sun is already gone? With a careful choice of light elements, you can docorate your terrace with a small investment. Floor lamps, shining light cubes or solar ball light sets are a great to create the perfect setting for your end-of-day relaxation, as warm or cooler light create magnificent chiaroscuro effects enhancing the visual appeal of your terrace. Enjoy the beautiful night atmosphere of your garden and share them with the people you most love.

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3. Plant Pots

Plants are perfect to transform youe terrace into an oasis of peace, privacy and relax. Bamboos create a natural curtain with their dense foliage, aromatic herbs contribute to a relaxing atmosphere with their fragrance, and observing climbing plants growing can become a fun and relaxing hobby. Browse our selection of stylish pots and planters, in different sizes and durable materials. Our raised beds are also great to protect your balcony from the wind, acting as an antifreeze barrier during the winter months.

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4. Garden Furniture Sets

Rearrange your patio to welcome guests and relax with a few drinks, or transform it into a comfortable lounge. In our garden furniture section, you find all you need to give a new look to your outdoor space, From garden chairs to coffee tables, you are spoilt for choice by our range of solutions to revamp your garden. And why not taking advantage of our Boxing Day deals to invest in one of our garden furniture sets, to add more functionality and create a new look for your garden from scratches?

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5. Swing Chairs

Could you imagine anything better than sitting on a lovely garden swing, to read or just to chill out a bit? Swing chairs are the perfect piece of furniture to spend time outdoors, in complete relaxation. Our models perfectly combine practicality and aesthetics, and once you experienced their comfort, you won't be able to do without it again. This timeless classic is available in different materials and finishes, matching the style of your garden and help you disconnect from the stress of everyday life for a while.

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6. Garden Fountains

A gentle, gurgling sound is a perfect antidote against stress, and the therapeutic power of water is known since millennia. With one of our garden water features, stunning to look at and available in a variety of designs blending both classic and modern, your garden will be transformed into a beautiful oasis of peace ato regenerate your energy whenever is needed. Don’t miss our Boxing Day deals to get your garden fountain and embellish your Zen corner of relaxation with an object of undisputed charm.

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