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Furniture and home accessories for a modern room design

Do you put beauty and functionality first when it comes to your furniture? Would you like to add a further touch of style to your home decor? On blumfeldt you'll find a wide range of furniture and home accessories, specially designed to enhance your living space with tasteful elegance and durability, at an affordable price. Be inspired by our solutions for your interior spaces, choosing the best products to furnish your living room and bathroom with a style that reflects your personality and gives your home an entirely new look.

In this section of our online shop you can find tables, chairs, armchairs and arc lamps with a modern design, but also elements such as bathroom sinks and radiators that will match your bathroom furniture. We are happy to share our experience designing and manufacturing home furnishing components to offer you quality solutions for every budget. Discover all the offers that blumfeldt has in store for you, and be inspired by our products.

Chairs and armchairs: minimalist style, uncompromising comfort

Chairs and armchairs are a great complement to sofas and add a certain charm to the atmosphere of your interior, giving it class and personality. Compared to a traditional sofa, a chair or armchair does not necessarily require you to compromise on comfort: if you are still in doubt about which model to choose, at blumfeldt you will find models of lounge chairs where aesthetics play a significant role, but also cushioned models designed to guarantee maximum comfort, helping you to keep the correct posture when reading. For total comfort, some of them are available with a footrest./p>

When purchasing furniture and home accessories, the most important aspects to consider are the functionality, size, colours and textures, as each room requires its model and style. With these details in mind, it is almost impossible to make a mistake when choosing your chair or armchair. That's why we invite you to take a look at our wide range of ottomans and stools, available in various shades and colours, and benches that will make clever use of the space in your room and blend in with your existing furnishing.

Tables and coffee tables for your living room

The table is a central element of the living room, turning it into the perfect meeting place to spend relaxing moments with friends and family. Round or rectangular, our modern coffee tables come in a wide range of colours and materials that will fit perfectly into your home, acting as practical tabletops or bedside tables or as simple decorative elements. As a complement to your sofa or armchair, to create a relaxing corner, in the blumfeldt shop you will find the solution that best suits your needs, aesthetically and functionally.

Arc lamps: an extra touch of class

Each type of lamp is designed to meet a different requirement, and arc lamps are, essentially, flloor lamps that were specifically created to project light onto a table. Of course, this is something that ceiling lights and pendant lamps can also do, but with an arc lamp, you can achieve this result without having to carry out electrical installation work on the ceiling. As well as an eye-catching design, with elegant chrome or gold trim, LED lamps are maintenance-free and use 90% less energy than a conventional bulb, ensuring energy savings and perfect illumination of your rooms.

Weighted blankets: welcome well-being!

Are you among the 35% of people who have insomnia worldwide? Do you go to bed with stress or anxiety, and when you wake up, you're in a bad mood all day? A weighted blanket can substantially increase sleep quality, thanks to its increased weight. With its unique cushioning, which is distributed evenly in compartments within the fabric. A gravity weighted blanket exerts a deep compression therapy that activates your nervous system, promoting tranquillity, relaxation and well-being.

The feeling of comfort with a weighted blanket increases your levels of serotonin, the mood-regulation hormone. At the same time, it fosters the melatonin release, which manages our sleep and awake periods. Try it for yourself!

Freestanding sinks and bathroom radiators; a bathroom with your personality

Sinks have gone from being just an accessory to one of the bathroom’s fundamental elements, and this evolution of the concept has allowed the development of new formats and designs in which elegance plays a significant role. One of the latest bathroom trends is the freestanding washbasin, which can be placed directly on the floor. With a freestanding washbasin, you can make your bathroom highly scenic and impress your guests with its innovative and striking design. Moreover, thanks to its independent position, you have full freedom to decide the whole configuration of your bathroom, being able to install it near the wall or make it a freestanding element that will undoubtedly catch the eye.

Especially when the weather gets a little colder, radiators play an essential role in keeping your home warm and cosy. That’s especially true in your bathroom; that’s why choosing the right bathroom radiator will help you relax and unwind. In our shop, you can find several different bathroom radiators designed to enhance the look and feel of your space. Whether you're planning a traditional style bathroom or a contemporary spa, get inspired by our furniture and home accessories, and find the perfect radiator for your bathroom.

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