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Garden tools: ideal care for your plants

With our garden tools you can put your plants in the limelight, set up the perfect raised bed and water the beds and containers automatically or in a targeted manner. Discover a large selection of useful greenhouse solutions and design your garden with planters and pots in a Mediterranean or modern style, or natural wood tones. Browse our product gallery, and don't miss out on our offers: with a free standard shipping service within the UK, and a flexible return policy, blumfeldt help your garden shine and offers all you need for your plants to grow healthy and comfortable.

Planters and plant pots from blumfeldt

blumfeldt Timberflor Plant Pot

Plants, be they houseplants or garden plants, are essential to add colour and shape to indoor and outdoor areas. Choosing the type that best suits your available space is n important, yet not always so simple. If you are thinking about which plant could complete your living room, enrich your office or decorate a corner of your terrace, you will need to consider not only the plant but also the container in which to plant it.

Each plant can bring warmth into your home, make the transition between spaces smoother and be the focal point in a room. Getting the plant you want in a pot that enhances its shape and colour and making it live healthily requires attention. At this point, you are faced with an infinite number of choices. Why waste time and money if you are not going to get any results? It is better to consider a few simple aspects first and then choose with confidence.

There is no such thing as the perfect pot in which to grow your plant; every type of container has its advantages and disadvantages. Some planters are better suited for indoors, while others are more suitable for outdoors. Size and material are two of the most important aspects to consider.

Our plant pots and planters not only look good on the balcony and terrace. In the garden, too, they are great for designing colourful flower beds or keeping particularly sensitive plants elevated away from the soil. Pots are also suitable for plants that need a frost-protected wintering spot in the cold season.

When choosing plant containers, always pay attention to the individual space requirements of the plant in all directions. Deep rooters and shallow rooters differ greatly in how far they want to expand. Many dwarf fruit trees and bushes need a large area to be rooted stably but can get by with relatively shallow vessels. High planter boxes are also suitable for demarcating terraces or secondary properties, while low, smaller containers should be protected from the wind.

Greenhouse and growing beds

blumfeldt High Grow Top greenhouse attachment

Greenhouses and greenhouse attachments for raised beds are worthwhile for all gardeners who do not want to do without fresh vegetables, lettuce and tropical fruits. Even if these solutions usually take up more space than separate beds or raised beds, the additional space pays off quickly. All types of heat-loving plants grow much faster in the protected atmosphere and develop more intense fruit flavours.

You can buy attachments for raised beds from us, greenhouse solutions for all garden areas and smaller indoor greenhouses in which crops and vegetables grow in the middle of your living space.

Wood and metal raised beds

blumfeldt Nova Grow raised bed

Raised beds bring order and tidiness to the garden design and protect plants from vermin infestation. Take the fight against weeds and rampant grass patches in your garden and fill one of our raised beds with coarse materials and fine humus soil to start planting particularly vigorous plants. Raised beds save space. As long as you can walk around the bed, you can reach all plants for mulching, watering and maintenance.

At blumfeldt, we offer you a large selection of different raised beds at unbeatable prices. Raised beds made of corrugated iron and metal hold their shape for many years and give insects who like to hide in wood no chance. With raised beds made of plastic and mixed materials, you can place attractive visual accents. Our wooden raised beds in a trough shape are great eye-catchers on the balcony or terrace.

Garden irrigation

blumfeldt Greenkeeper irrigation system

If you have a garden, a vegetable garden or a green space, you need to set up an irrigation system to ensure that your plants get the right amount of water to grow. Of course, if the space is small, a watering can, but if it is larger, a custom-made system is needed to irrigate the entire plot and reach even the most difficult spots.

Water is the source of all life in your garden, and you should water your plants regularly. In dry, hot summers, most gardeners are grateful for the ease of automation. At blumfeldt, you will find various solutions for water supply for your greenhouse, beds and planters. This is how modern irrigation works.

With blumfeldt garden tools, you are always getting high quality at fair prices. Discover a large, constantly expanding assortment for casual gardeners, balcony planting, maintenance of front gardens and the beautification of winter gardens and terraces.

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