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Your garden is an oasis of wellbeing, providing relaxation and recreation. Besides our stylish furniture and decorative items, we offer electric garden heaters, chimineas and fire pits that will help you make the most of outdoor spaces all year round. These items are perfect additions to your garden and allow you to create a wonderful atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy cosy warmth and adding an extra touch of ambience to your garden and terrace. Our large selection of garden heaters includes electric patio heaters, outdoor heat lamps, chimineas and fire pits: just find the outside heater that best suits your needs and take advantage of our offers. Not only will you benefit from our consistently low prices, but also from our customer-oriented service. Compare the main specifications of fireplaces online and find the ideal variant. With blumfeldt efficient outdoor heaters, there’s no reason for giving up using your garden or terrace, even when the cold season approaches.

Chimineas and fire pits in different designs

Fire pits act as focal points and provide romantic ambiance wherever you place them. Depending on what you’re looking for, various models are available; for example, our range of patio heaters includes braziers of various diameters and heights, also varying in terms of features such as practical spark protection. For fuel, you can choose between wood and charcoal. Another plus is their sturdy construction ensuring maximum stability, not to mention the fact that they are amazingly beautiful to look at, a real eye-catcher for your garden parties and moments of conviviality with you family and friends.

All chimineas and fire pits available on blumfeldt combine cosy warmth with decorative design, thanks to materials such as cast iron or stainless steel, which ensure a maximum of heat resistance and are the mark of high quality. Safety is another strong suit of our garden fireplaces: all fireplaces are laid out as stable and non-tipping designs.

Infrared patio heaters for year-round use

Are you looking for a space-saving solution for heating your garden? Our comprehensive range of outdoor heating solutions is rounded off by practical infrared patio heater . These outdoor electric heaters are ideally suited to mobile use and flexible placement, as their elongated shape allows you to attache them easily to the main structure of pergolas and gazebos , without taking up precious floor space. A remote control provides maximum convenience to the user, and adjustable settings mean that heat can be generated exactly as needed.

Infrared heating uses the principle of radiation. This is referred to as heat transfer by means of electromagnetic waves. The heating system directly heats the surfaces of the walls and objects, such as tables and furniture. It does this without passing heating the air, and for this reason, infrared radiation is also known as thermal radiation. The infrared radiated by each panel acts over a radius of several metres, ensuring an immediate feeling of warmth even on our skin, similar to exposure to sun rays.

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Upgrade your garden with our range of fire pits, chimineas and infrared heaters. Our outside heaters will allow you to spend relaxing hours always enjoyng a comfortable temperature. If you buy a patio heater or fire pit from our online shop, you’ll also have the benefit of quick delivery and free shipping. Do you have questions concerning specific product features or the ordering process? We’re happy to provide you with personalized professional advice. Our service team is available by email or phone to support you.

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